Monday, December 21, 2015

Setting goals

It's been a bad month for making a solid committment to class, but when I do go, I have some pretty clear revelations that come from the yoga, as I mentioned in my last post.

Yesterday was no different and my mind kept drifting to ways to make my goals a reality in 2016.

After I left the studio, I sat in my Jeep for a few minutes and wrote the following:

Do some no spend months/or at least no spend weekends.

Meal plans every time before shopping!

Cook the week's meals on Sunday.

Only use a certain (spending money) account for all spending money. The other is ONLY for bills and the rest goes in savings.

Only use gift cards I receive to by new items like clothes.

Do not buy more clothes!

No eating out!! (Or realistically....limit....and plan for eating out).

Do more yoga!!! (At home counts too....).

I also wanted to add a daily exercise goal of 30 minutes doing anything, but that seems pretty lofty....

Have you noticed a trend on areas I need to greatly improve in 2016?

I've read many times that writing out goals is the way to help meet them so that's what this entry is all about.

And I have no doubt I will need to revisit it again and maybe even revise it.

I did make a meal plan for this week last night though and I am planning to re-sign up for a 30-day at home yoga challenge.

I would like to go to at least one yoga class this week, but with all the holiday and work craziness going on, I'm not going to pressure myself. If it happens, it happens.  Otherwise, onward to next week!!

Do you have any goals for 2016?

What strategies do you plan to use to be successful in meeting them?

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I have probably said this before on here, but it's amazing to me the clarity in solving life's problems that comes to me while I'm on my mat, especially after a vigorous hot yoga session.

I also have found a great way to get some things in order that have been weighing on my mind lately, especially when it comes to all our open house renovations as well as just the house of finances in general.

I feel more at ease now going into 2016.

I think it's going to be a really great year.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The yoga

So I decided to purchase another yearly.

Of course it's a lot up front, but at 3 classes a week it's practically peanuts vs. doing a more expensive unlimited monthly plan. 

I also decided I needed to find something to amp up my practice on days I can't make it to the studio.

So I started a 30 day at-home challenge.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and this yoga is no joke either.

It also is less time than my hot yoga far around 30 minutes each, the videos go by fast and are super easy to follow, even though it will take some practice to get the form.

I highly recommend checking her out .  Her videos are free and super motivating.

I couldn't go to an actual class so far all week, for various reasons, so this is absolutely the next best thing.

Here's to going back to the hot room soon though!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Every year

when a holiday falls on a Thursday, I say next year I'm gonna take Friday off from work.

And then I never do.

This year (again) I felt guilty asking a student to come in on "their break" to cover and I hate having to get one of my teammates to stay with my clients since they are all already spread so thin.

While I love my job, the coverage thing is definitely problematic.

This, as well as the space issue and having to watch other staffs' patients during lunchtime are my 3 top gripes about work.

I've learned though I have to choose my battles and like anything else at most agencies....these issues probably will never change. Unless of course something bad happens, but let's not go there....

So the pros....(heh, heh we always have to look on the bright side!):

I don't expect very many of my clients to show up today though, so I should have plenty of time to catch up on some things I need to do for our holiday party next week.  I also may shoot my boss (who is off today btw!) an email that I'm leaving early, when the clients are done with treatment.

We shall see.

Do you have to go in to work today?  Do you have similar coverage issues at your job? What are other little gripes you have that you wish you could change, but know you never can.... Let's commiserate together!

P.S. I'm not shopping on Black Friday either because you couldn't pay me enough to go to the stores today, and even ordering online...being a social worker and all that, I have to wait till I have more money!! (the list of gripes is growing.....)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Anyone else?

Hate the holidays? 

I mean, it could always be worse, but the stress of planning, money, having to go back to work the next day, family all over the place....I'm so not looking forward to Christmas with the way I feel already at Thanksgiving.

I think next year we should just book Disney at that time and say sorry, we will be away....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is it only Tuesday LOL?

I'm sitting in the dark this morning planning out some of the groups and activities we will be doing later today.

I also have supervision with my students so I am going to ask them to take the lead on one of these.

So far the ideas (some of which are all related):
Benefits of services/acceptance of services.
What does support look like/what would it look like if it disappeared?
Meditation (found some great stuff online recently for this).

What are some of your favorite group ideas with clients?

Monday, November 23, 2015

oh Monday....

even though I know you're coming, you always creep up so quickly on me.

Monday's tend to be nice at work though because I have a creative bunch in.

we can work on something artsy and listen to music and chat about nonsense and it's therapy for the day.

I really enjoy my job.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

every once in awhile we need a reminder.....

I went back to class today.

And when I was struggling the most, the words this yoga is showing you are ALIVE!!!!! came into my mind.

And it is so true....every once in awhile we need this reminder.

To appreciate what we have, even if the struggle in the moment is great. It's a blessing to be alive, practicing yoga, even in hot conditions LOL. It's just a blessing to be alive....cliche as it may sound.

Now even though it is only 7pm, I feel spent. But in a nice way.  I had a good dinner earlier and got my son a bath just in time before he passed out.

Now I'm about to go up to my bed myself.  

Yoga on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to lift my spirits, get me ready for rest as well as whatever this crazy week ahead may bring. It's just what I needed....

Did you get some yoga in this weekend?  What resonated with you from your session? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


If there's one thing I can't stand about the interwebs especially, it's the goddamn SJWs....or social justice warriors for those of you not familiar with the acronym.

It's so ridiculous to me the things people will waste energy arguing about. And 99% of the time, especially in anything social work related, it has to do with them disagreeing with an experience or something we cannot change. 

On that note, I strongly believe our beliefs and boundaries especially are important in our work. 

There are many times I think we do need to go with our gut, especially when it comes to putting ourselves in situations that could turn out bringing on major liability.

It also doesn't make us a bad social worker, or even a bad person if we are not comfortable doing certain things just because another social worker would do it, or moreso in real life the agency encourages it. ( policies, maybe that's an area to be mindfully questioned).

We all know our limitations. 

Self-awareness is very important to our job, and well, just life in general.

I also think it's important to be kind to one another, even if we don't like their opinion. 

Take a moment to reflect for a minute on what you are spending precious moments getting so heated over.

Yes, there are things to be passionate about and get worked up about.

But coming out of left-field and attacking others without even having all the facts is not the way to go about it. In my respectful opinion of course ;).

Would we go in like this with our clients?  Because I can sure as shit say there are plenty of things my clients do that I disagree with, but berating them is going to get where.  

Why do we do this to each other then, when we should be supporting fellow colleagues?

I often wonder when I see stuff like this, is the person really a social worker/helping professional? 

Because in real life, I think those of us who do this work can joke with one another and not take things so freakin' seriously. I also believe that those of us who do this for a living, can relate well to one another and have honest discussions about the challenges and even things we differ in belief in....without the name-calling.

Especially the little things that are not even a blip on most people's radar.....including many of our clients radars....

Sheesh.  Is it really only just Tuesday?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Decisions, decisions.....

I finally went back to class yesterday after being totally non-committed to my practice this week.

My fave teacher was also back from his trip abroad.  Class was somewhat of a struggle bus, due to wonky heat and not being super-hydrated, but I made it thru.

I also saw that the studio is running a special on an unlimited yearly package for $1000 thru 12/24.

My current yearly expires the first week of December so I am debating if I want to buy this again.  It's a lot of money up front and a bad time of year to come up with that cash, but it really is the cheapest way to do this yoga.  If I go on average 3x per week, that works out to be around six bucks a class.

I'm probably going to end up doing it as my Christmas/New Years present to myself, but....A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!

Decisions, decisions.....

Monday, November 9, 2015


So I played yoga hooky on Saturday. Just wasn't feeling going to late class after running around all day with my son.  But it absolutely was my intention to get there yesterday.  Until I pulled into the parking lot and saw that one of my least favorite teachers was covering. 

think everyone has one of them.  For whatever reason, you just don't like their style.  With this one, I think she talks too much, does lots of corrections to the point it makes class drag on, and can be very hands on which depending on my mood, I may or may not like.

But I was there. And not going to skip class just because she was there too.

So in I went.  And boy was the room hot even before class started!  I guess this was making up for lost time because several of the recent classes I went to, the heat wasn't working properly.

Then class began.  And so began the teacher in her typical sigh-worthy style.  My focus became to just get through the class and try to put her out of my mind as best I could. Warm up and the first few postures of standing series were pretty challenging.  I got called out for doing a posture wrong, as always in her class.  Got through it with a smile though. 

And then something even funnier happened.  She kept calling me by the wrong name. Over and over. And finally I couldn't take it so I corrected her.  Which I think she and my peers thought was hysterical.  The class changed for me at that point.  Something clicked in my brain. It became lighter, it became fun.  I didn't see her as annoying anymore....I also welcomed her corrections and hands on work. 

We even made small talk after class.

What I learned yesterday is that we need to leave our judgment at the door. At that even our least favorite instructors are human too, and overall generally mean well.  I think back to different teachers I've had growing up and throughout my studies, and many who I have found annoying or strict or whatever...have ended up being some of my favorites that I've learned the most from.  

Appearances can definitely be deceiving.


Friday, November 6, 2015

All these students...

at work must be rubbing off on me.

I had a dream last night I was back in school. (For what exactly, I'm not sure).

I just remember being in class with one of our current pre-doctoral students and I had to write a paper about frogs.  I hate frogs. Like birds, they are one thing that if you put next to me I would probably run away screaming from.

Of course I waited till the day the paper was due to start writing the damn thing, didn't remember anything about formatting, and was going to the student for help.

Then my alarm went off.

Thank goodness.

I have no desire to go back to school, especially when it involves having to write papers LOL.

I also take this as a sign that I'm totally ready for the weekend.


P.S. I just decided to look up what my dream meant and apparently frogs and being in school is not necessarily all bad ;).   

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yay Thursday!

And I got an early yoga class in last night so I'm not exhausted this morning.

So happy I had off on Tuesday because the week is totally flying.

Just have today and tomorrow at work, then hello weekend!!

No plans either except for the studio.

I love lazy weekends with nothing set in stone.

How's your week going? Hope it's nothing real crazy & passing by quickly too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's so nice....

To have a day off from work.

I enjoy my job most days, but being "on" all the time with clients, families and can become draining.

My son had off from school today so I decided to just take the day, instead of sending him to his grandparents like I normally do.

It's a total lazy day around here...did a little bit of cleaning this morning and will probably fold laundry later, maybe go for lunch somewhere and hopefully hit the early evening yoga class for once.

Usually when I go to class during the week, I can only go to the 8 pm and by the time I get home and get settled, and then wake up early for work the next day....I'm exhausted.

I also am taking two days off next week for school closings, and looking forward to that time too.

I'm working all Thanksgiving week though because I felt guilty asking students to cover for me;).....

Monday, November 2, 2015

Early AM reflections

First off, living in the moment, I must say my coffee tastes really effen great this morning.

LOL.  It's the small things right? There really is nothing like waking up to an amazing first cup of coffee. 

Especially if you tossed and turned most of the night, like I did.

I went to class yesterday. So needed, especially because all kinds of things have been getting to me lately, and I hadn't been there in a week.    It was decent, even though it ended up being almost like a comedy show of hot yoga, with everything silly going wrong, from a fill-in teacher who kept losing track of her words to the heat not staying on to a student being sent out of the room multiple times to try to figure out why the temp wasn't staying put.

I kept telling myself to focus on the instructor's words though and tune out all the other nonsense.  I did so and ended up having a great class.

I came home, made a yummy dinner (ravioli and huge side of broccoli slaw) and hung out with my son until he fell asleep.

Went to bed early (thank you fall back savings time) and woke up after midnight with the most randomest of thoughts.....which lead me right back to my yoga mat.

My mind in the middle of the night lead me to the fact that everything important in my life could probably fit with me on my yoga mat. Everything else I could ultimately let go of.  I laughed to myself thinking of trying to get my son to stay put with me on my mat in real life.

Well, it's Monday morning and the beginning of another long week.  I'm actually looking forward to work this morning because we have lots of fun new things to play with.  I'm also going to lead some kind of group on mindfulness.  Anyone have any good ideas for this topic btw?

I have a bunch of meetings going on tonight so no studio, but I have off from the job tomorrow so yoga is definitely waiting for me.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yoga & coloring

Feeling bummy again today.

It's been a lazy day so plans at all. Weather is very gray though and it's also November 1st.  

I've never been a huge fan of the holiday season.  I think the cost and needing to hang out with lots of different people constantly for a couple months, followed by the thought of a long cold winter in the new year doesn't make me feel so merry and bright.

It's definitely a good day to get myself to the yoga studio though, which I will be doing shortly.

Also need to stop off for a quick run to the craft store.  Need to get some items to wrap raffles for a community organization, and want to check out to see if I can find anything I can get for my clients at work.

I hit up Five Below yesterday and found lots of arts and craft supplies and art idea books.

The adult coloring books are a huge hit lately, and even I do a couple designs each week right alongside my clients.

I highly recommend checking them out for another form of relaxation.  There are also tons of free printables online.

Hope you are having a laid back weekend out there too. Getting in some yoga or anything else good?  Any new ideas you've found recently to release stress?

Friday, October 30, 2015


I haven't done any yoga this week.  For no good reason.  I totally should've gotten there at least once.

But, overall, I'm pleased with my practice this month.

And I know I can get back on the wagon this weekend.

I also watched the movie Forks over Knives the other day and that has made me think more about what I am putting into my body.

Just curious if anyone made the change to a whole foods heavy diet? 

In the past I've given up the heavy carbs too several days per week and I lost weight and felt so much better.

I'm looking into this as a new goal along with keeping 3 days a week of yoga on a consistent basis.

Baby steps though.....

Sunday, October 25, 2015

When everything is getting to me.....

Went to class 10 last night.

And holy hell, was it tough.

Just getting to class was a challenge.  I had been feeling blah all day....the weather took a turn yesterday afternoon and became gloomy and that combined with some issues on my mind really dampened my spirits.  I am absolutely someone whose mood is affected by what is going on around them. This is me, and not just on my yoga mat.

I knew I would feel better after class though, so I got myself to the studio.

The energy in the room from the beginning of class was negative.  Someone came with a sports injury so was sitting out from opening breathing.  One of my other yoga buddies who practices behind me told me she had just quit smoking a week ago and was very on edge; another person said he forgot to eat all day and was grumpy. The temperature control in the room was pretty wonky too.  So needless to say, by awkward pose I was starting to actually feel the onset of a panic attack.  I also know I was not the only one. At one point, our teacher actually stopped class and told everyone to stop what they were doing, and just breathe.  Then to please smile.....he also went on to talk about the benefits of the heat, and that just being in a hot room, even if doing nothing, mimics exercise to our bodies, and will always end up making us feel better.

I ended up needing to take a long break around the time of standing seperate leg stretching, and sat out until tree time.

I had a decent floor series after that.

As predicted, I also felt fabulous after class.

My takeaway from last night's practice is that you can really be influenced by everything that is happening around and inside of your body. But no matter how terrible class goes, it's still the best thing for it, being in the hot room.

 I also know I sound like a cultish advertisement, but I hope that I still will be at least a little push for you to check out yoga.  Whether it's in the hot room, or in your living room to a video on YouTube. Especially when everything around and inside you is getting to you.

Yoga really is the best therapy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Made my 3x this week

Oh I was home last night and the voices in my head were so telling me to just hang out and not go to the studio.  I ended up reading my blog entry from yesterday morning and some stuff on a yoga forum and this was just the push I needed to stop making excuses and get to class.

Of course I was so glad I went.  A GREAT teacher I haven't practiced with in well over a year (if not longer) was back last night leading my class.  It was so nice to change things up a bit, since usually I practice under the same teacher or two most sessions.  He also gently gave me some corrections that made lots of sense....little comments he made to the whole group about poses also gave me the push to try things just a little differently.  It was great energy having someone else leading, and I was able to get through most of my practice with very few breaks.

And today is finally Friday!!! I got my 3 classes in this week (Sat, Sun & one weeknight!), and am all caught up on most of my job things.  Well, except for filing.  Filing is dreadful and I always put this off longer than I clients seem to be happy though and there were no crises this week (knock on wood).

I have some things planned after work tonight with my son, but I will be back to my mat tomorrow evening.

How's your week going? Hope you are getting some yoga in. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's been a long week

and so it goes, I still haven't gotten back to my mat.

Send me good yogi vibes today that tonight will be my 3x a week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


So I totally forgot to blog this weekend.

I finished classes 7 & 8 and while I know at this point I will not make the 20 classes for the month, I am probably farther ahead in staying committed to my practice, than I have been in many months.

3 classes a week seems to be my magic #.

I also can't really remember anything super insightful I took from classes this weekend.

I want to say that probably makes me a bad yoga blogger, but it also makes me a normal person so it evens out LOL.

Sometimes we don't take anything fabulous from our practice, but we know it's still wonderful.

Hoping to get back tonight because this week is already off to a crazy start, between my home life, some extracurricular obligations (beating myself up for even getting involved!) and of course work!!

At least we made it thru Monday though....

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I skipped class tonight

and I only felt guilty for a few minutes.

I made pizza and snuggled with my son instead.  

Perfect evening. 


Changed it up

Eh so could've gone to class last night, but my son had a soccer game and I felt I needed to be there.  If I hung out at soccer, and then went to the late class, I would've had NO time to spend with him.

So for a change, and in place of my yoga, I decided to walk to and from our local park where his games are held.

It was a nice little workout.  

I feel like I never walk enough anymore. This is actually something I miss of my days living in NYC and later in a beach town.  Now, walking is something I always intend to do, but living in the burbs, I just become so reliant on my vehicle to do anything.

But that walk last night.....perfect. First, I did it alone, which was an awesome way to clear my head. Just being outdoors, in the brisk air at sunset and then later in early darkness....I noticed so many things I don't see in the quick drive around my neighborhood.

Plus the best things....going for a walk is totally free, you can bring anyone (enjoy taking my son!) and it doesn't require much planning or juggling to attend at all (unlike yoga class LOL).

I think I want to add walking more to my list of intentions. It really does my body good to take a nice walk outdoors.  It's something I truly miss in my life.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 6: Modify

Morning guys.  I finished class #6 last night.

It was a decent class, although my knee continued to pain the heck out of me.

I tried to stay in all the postures as best I could though, and didn't take any breaks during standing series.  My word to myself last night was "modify".

I did what I could to make the class as manageable as possible, after an already long day.  In some postures, this meant just standing and stretching out my leg even if I couldn't fully stay in the pose.

I'm still feeling way behind on making the 20 classes this time around.  This is hard accepting at times,  but I'm reflecting back on my original intent which was to at least get to class 3x a week in a consistent practice.

I am continuing to meet that goal so yay me!  I'm trying hard to be easy on myself.  I'm a busy person...I work FT, I'm a parent, my son is involved in two nightly activities a week....sometimes I'm just tired....and getting to the studio cannot be a priority.

I want to go tonight, even if I just hang out on my mat most of class, but also keep bringing myself back to the fact that I may need to modify my plans later if that is what my body needs, and this is okay.

Happy hump day everyone!!  Only a few more work days to get through....

How is your week going? If you yoga, have you been keeping up with it?  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 5: Morning yoga

So I knew going into class yesterday morning it would be tough.  Me and AM classes are not besties at all.  Not to mention I didn't have a great sleep the night before, and overall wasn't very hydrated. My joints and muscles were VERY stiff and I had to keep stopping even in Japanese ham sandwich!!

But what was an usual, I still was able to push on and class gradually got a whole lot better. The heat didn't even bother me.

I was chatting with a student before class yesterday who I hadn't seen in awhile. She asked me how I was and I joked "Tired!" and that "I hate morning classes because I always feel like they are so tough".

She, being the older and wiser yogi she is....smiled and said "Don't worry. You will feel amazing after class, and will be glad you came early."

These words couldn't have rang more true.  I felt better with each pose and the mood in the room was very positive and charged.  The morning sun especially added to lifting my mood.  When I left my house close to 7, the sun was barely in the sky yet, but as we finished our warm up, it was shining across the studio.

While I will always be a later-in-the-day yogi, I think there is definitely something to be said for morning classes. Once in awhile it's good to go early. Not only will you have the whole rest of your day to do whatever you want besides yoga, it's such an amazing mood-lifter that does stay with you for the rest of the day.

I'm not just making that up, I promise.  Check it out for yourself ;).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 4: Life Force

Yesterday's class was a little bit easier.  I know it's probably cheating, but the heating system was down the beginning of class, so this made it a lot less challenging for me to get through a lot of the postures.

I didn't even have to take any breaks at all! 

What stands out to be from the practice, were several discussions on prana, pranayama breathing and just overall "life force".

I like the thought that everything in life comes back to our breathe. I also love that we have the ability to control our breathe and how this always helps (or hinders!) us in life situations.  I also feel it's important the reflection on a bigger scale of the types of forces we have guiding and in a sense, controlling our lives.

We also were asked to pick a mantra to focus on at different times throughout class.  This is always a great tool for me. 

Do you use any of these tools in your everyday life? 

I plan to come back to all these things this morning....I am up super early for morning yoga. I rarely go to class in the AM, but today we are planning to head out east to wine country and since I'm already behind on my challenge, I didn't want to skip anymore classes unless I absolutely had to.

Happy yoga-ing everyone.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 3

I ended up getting into a cycle of bad, and took 3 days off from the studio before basically forcing myself out the door to class last night.

When I got there, I was fine, but class was still super-duper challenging.  We had a guest teacher who fills in from time to time, and I think the room was extra hot.

I was able to get thru with only a few breaks though, and I took it easy in a lot of the poses, pushed hard in others.

I am pleased though with myself, because even though I'm lagging behind for the 20 classes this month, I did meet my personal goal of getting in 3 classes this week. Yay me!! Little things!!

Now the only problem is my sleep is all screwed up and I know I will be dragging today...I was up until about midnight and woke up at 4 today tossing and turning.

I think when I try weeknight classes next week, I'm going to have to go straight from work, so I can get home earlier and have a decent night rest. I may push to do some doubles on weekends again as well (yay to having two late afternoon/evening classes now!!)

It's really hard to appreciate the yoga when I'm feeling super exhausted and just plain drained.

What I'm taking from this class: it's baby steps sometimes, and often we need to revisit our plans to make our goals a reality.

Happy almost weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I took a couple days off to rest and am hoping to get back to the studio tonight.

I always have such a hard time during the week because I want to see my son right after work (ruling out going straight to class) and once I'm home, it's SO HARD heading back out the door to class.

Although I'm always fine once I'm there ;).

It's a 20 class challenge this month, but I'm still focusing on my intention of doing 3 classes a week (which includes weekends!). This is a much easier goal to meet.

Anyone else feeling the mid-week struggle?

I also have a damn cold coming on too!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 2: Get thru

Class was challenging today.

I was running around this morning, and not super hydrated, so I knew going in I would have those two things working against me. 

I sat out several postures.

My knee that I injured last year was also really acting up.  I had a lot of trouble with standing series, especially in the balancing poses.

However, I went in with the intention that I was going to get through and not make it any more difficult than it already is. I was able to accomplish that...I guess that's my good advice from class #2: don't make things anymore difficult than they are already :).  This is definitely something we can absolutely apply to most situations in life.

Now for my crazy moment of the day...I came home from class and took a shower and then........

......fell on the floor stepping out. The rug was slippery underneath, and went right out from under me. My bootie is really sore, but I will take that over how much worse the fall could've been.

Now I just want to settle in, hopefully get to bed super early.  

Til the next yoga class everyone!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 1 done: Functional strength

Love this term, and we hear it a lot in class.

Functional strength is the type of strength that gets us through daily life and survival.

If you google this topic, it talks about lifting a heavy weight being a fantastic measure for a competitive lifter, but the history of manual labor has consisted of something quite different...

When I think of daily life, it's a lot like manual labor....going through the motions, sometimes good and sometimes not....sometimes different and fun things, many times not...sometimes physically and mentally exhausting challenges....just to get done what we need to do.

Often though, the weight of the competition is what actually drags us down, and drains us of all our functional strength.  I'm seeing this right now in my own life with things that tend to stress me out the most.

As I complete Day 1 of this challenge, I am going to reflect on all of those things in my life that are my functional strength...and work on releasing those things that are weighing me down.  

I also leave you with this fortune I got in my cookie tonight.  Definitely a timely good thought!!!

I made the mistake

Of getting involved again in something that makes me feel bad.

Total lightbulb moment of what was I thinking, and of course this made me feel even worse.

This month I need to focus on myself again and living with intention. So it's very timely....

I signed up for another yoga challenge, which I hope to begin today.

Even though the goal is 20 classes, my intention is to make it to my mat 3 days per week.

I want to start spending time again with people who are positive and understand me.

Yoga is the backbone of this.

What is new with you? Have you gotten sucked back into any bad habits that are making your feel terrible at times?

Come join me here on my path to getting and STAYING positive. We can support each other. 😊

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Well I haven't posted all summer.

That's due to a combination of not really having much to talk about, as well as having a pretty busy summer overall.

We went to Disney...first trip to the World as an adult and first for my son.  I had been to the land in my 20's....WDW was completely fantastic though and we re-booked for next year.  Planning has become my newest obsession.

I haven't really been keeping up much with the yoga sadly.  I've just had a lot going on on the weekends and it tends to be way too much to go during the week.  As always, I am hoping that will change this fall.  

Work is work.  I had some really great students start a few weeks ago.  They are all off to a pretty amazing start, which is new for me.  I always seem to have at least one problem student but I guess I'm getting really good at knowing who to pick and who to avoid altogether.  My clients also have been doing well lately, although there's always something going on to keep me on my toes.

The fall focus has been my son and his activities. Right now he has soccer twice a week and we are planning to check out cub scouts.  He also started aftercare this year so is no longer with his family all week. It's been a smooth transition, although I think they all really miss each other.

So this has been my life over the past few months.  Looking forward to the change in the weather. We are planning to go to a Fesitval later today and looking forward to checking out not one, but two Jeep clubs.  

What's new in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life updates

Yoga-land: was a bomb in June.  I never made it past the 6 classes.
Planning to commit to the July 20 class challenge tonight so wish me luck.

Work: work is work. Mostly good days so I can't complain.  I start my stay-cation for the month of July in 2 days. Very much needed!

And the best news:  Just booked a random road-trip to Disney at the end of August.  Also decided to splurge on one of their resorts.  There seemed to be lots of hidden costs and overall aggravation in staying in a cheap hotel outside of the park.  And how often do we go on a real vacation? (yes, I do know that Disney is not the most relaxing place on earth, but you KWIM).

So I'm looking to share all tips Disney and road-trip if anyone has stumbled across my page and would like to share.

Hope you are having a decent summer so far too. What's new and interesting? 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 days so far...

Not good but not bad either....which is what I keep telling myself.

I've been plagued with sickness recently as well as life.

I did get to practice on International Yoga Day this year though!

I'm dragging this morning due to late night yoga last evening, not to mention I'm probably super dehydrated this AM.

That's a sign I need to put more into my body than coffee LOL.

Happy Tuesday all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So not into this challenge

Only completed 2 classes so far. TWO! But I took a long walk yesterday after work, and that felt amazing :).

I knew going into this that June was going to be very tough.  Lots of stuff going on on the homefront.

It's impossible to feel motivated when yoga truly has to take a backseat due to life. 

I think it will be easier to commit to July, since less going on and focus this month on just getting 3 classes in a week.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I needed to start

I haven't been able to commit much so far to this current challenge at my studio. DH has worked late all week making it impossible to get to class the first 3 days in June.

However, I made it in last night for class #1.

Tough class but super relaxing.  I didn't push myself too much and just had fun.  Changed up my spot too and one of my fave instructors was teaching which helped make the class feel like it went by quicker than usual.

Late night yoga is so hard though because it totally throws off my sleep cycle.

I'm so glad it's Friday because I'm definitely going to be dragging at work today. Skipping tonight because family is in town, but planning to hit early morning tomorrow.

1 class down. 19 more to go for June, or 39 left to go for June and July.

But who's counting ;).

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Long time, no post

Whoo, May went by fast. 
Can't believe my favorite season is now upon us.
I've done great at my sunshine goal this past month, but have been lazy with my yoga practice.
I decided to sign up for a summer sizzle challenge....20 classes in June and 20 in July.
I don't know how I even feel about going into it...
I do need to really make a better committment though so this will be the way to do that, even if I make it through 1/2...
Speaking of yoga...I'm up early today chugging down coffee and then headed off to a 7:30 class.
Getting it over first thing so I can hang outside the rest of the day.
Baseball for my son, then a birthday party for my nephew.
So happy the weekend is upon us. 
I keep saying this was the longest shortest week ever!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Sunshine Project

I had to push myself to go to yoga yesterday.

It was such a beautiful day out.

Not that I was spending a ton of time outside, but was busy running around doing errands in town, cleaning the house, folding and putting away laundry.

As I lay on my yoga mat in a very small class though (I think everyone else was out enjoying the sunshine), I thought about what a long, cold, snowy, icy, miserable winter it was.

I also thought about how the weather tends to have an instant lift on our emotions. And how many of us, especially if we work FT during the day...even spend much time outdoors?

It was then that I decided why not make a new goal of getting outside for at least 15 minutes a day? Especially on those sunny days?

Take a walk in the neighborhood, sit out in the yard and read a good book....go wine tasting out east...sit on the beach...even just spend time on your front steps watching people walk by....some of these things are even free!

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Do you want to join me in my sunshine project?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update to last post

I did post on our social media site last night....asking if anyone would be interested in starting a more local alumnae association.  A few people expressed this at my weekend away and there was some mild interest again toward my posting.

I was involved in something like this years ago and it was a better experience.

People who wanted to be there went, less cliques and more financially savvy.  Plus it wasn't as much of a time committment.

We will see if anything comes of it.  People do a lot of talk,  but it's super hard to maintain relationships outside of our normal lives. I also have learned the burden for planning often falls on one person and it can take years even to have any success with these things.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Some things are just meant to be lived in the past

So I went back to college this weekend after a million years for a 25th anniversary reunion of my Greek organization.

To be honest, it made me have a ton of emotions, but overall, content with where I am currently in life.

The people I wanted to see the most were not able to attend, so it was a lot of small talk with people I either didn't know at all, or people I haven't had contact with in probably a decade.....really even longer LOL.

I was so glad I had the foresight to bring a friend with me because we made the best of it and ultimately did our own thing.

I left yesterday morning feeling my presence really didn't add much to this event......that I didn't have much in common at all anymore with this part of my past.

I felt a bit sad and even anxious.

So much made sense right then about what we are always talking about in for the moment, not longing for how things used to be....

I CAN say though with certainty that I am looking forward to what's left to come. I will try really hard to focus more on what's right in front of me, right now, and be happy with all those things.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I never updated....

probably because I was so relieved to be done, but I completed my 20 class challenge this past Monday night.

I can't even begin to explain the amazing high I got when I laid down on my mat after final breathing.

I did it!!!!  

There were so many times reflecting back over the month that I didn't think I would.

I went back to the studio last night after a 3 day break and saw my name checked off with the other challengers.

I smiled.

I love having this yoga.

But I think this month I'm going to take it a little easier ;).

While I am definitely on a yoga cloud nine right now, there's something to be said for also not feeling like I'm in a competition to just get it done.....

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hot yoga weekending

So as luck would have it, I should be able to get two doubles in this weekend.

MIL said I could drop DS off today and DH will pick him up when he gets done with work.

I'm planning to do the 3 & 5PM classes.

I also can do either the morning or the afternoon classes tomorrow.

I'm so excited because it's really down to the wire now and I don't want to risk waiting till the last minute during the week and missing out on my last class if something comes up.

I've had a great experience with this challenge this time around and it really has gotten me back into my habit of going more regularly.

It is true that it takes about a good month to change something into part of your structure and routine.

Anyone else down for lots of yoga this weekend?

What else do you have going on? 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm writing it down to be accountable

I took off last night because I just didn't have it in me to go to the studio.

But I'm down to the wire now and must hold myself accountable....6 classes left to go.

I plan to go tonight, tomorrow straight from work, Saturday evening, double Sunday AM and then hopefully finish up completely Monday.

Wish me luck!

This is the part where there is definite light at the end of the tunnel, but it's also so easy to just give up too....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lucky #13

I'm plugging along guys.

I did a back to back double yesterday morning and completed my 13th class.

I'm hoping to make it to my mat 3 nights this week and then double up again next weekend.

I was at a local discount store yesterday, and bought myself a new mat and some funky headbands for my practice as a reward.

I feel like I made it over the hump, so I'm motivated to keep pushing through.

Can't believe it's Monday already.

Nothing terrible going on, but I'm just not ready to go back to work today LOL.

I'd much rather be at the studio....

Monday, March 16, 2015

Challenges smallenges

So I don't feel like I'm off to a super start for this 20 class challenge. Only 8 classes down...

That said though....I am moving right along with meeting my 3 class a week challenge which has totally been my goal for 2015.

I made it to my studio yesterday, Thursday and Friday which is huge....weeknights....let alone Friday straight from always a struggle for me.

But I'm getting through it.  And I'm not calling it quits just yet for the challenge ;).

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Are you a field instructor?

Are you a social work field instructor?

Are you looking for a supportive, safe space to exchange ideas, ask questions or come to a non-judgmental place to just vent?

Do you often feel isolated in your role?

Have you ever looked to bounce off ideas on other social work forums but found yourself the target of unnecessary drama from either students or even other social workers?

Then my new PRIVATE reddit forum may be just the place for you!

If you are interested in joining or just learning more, let me know.  I'd be happy to have you :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Falling into a laze

I took off from class on Tuesday after 3 days on, but yesterday night I stayed home for no good reason.  I'm also concerned about making it to the studio tonight.  I was woken very early by my son and didn't go back to sleep.  We are also supposed to get yet another crazy weather situation.

I'm trying to stay positive about this challenge....send me good vibes all.

In the meantime, my 3 class a week challenge will always be my goal and I find that easy to meet even with my crazy, busy life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Got through first two days

and practiced 3 days in a row if you count this past Saturday.

I actually wasn't planning on going last night but with the given weather report, plus my son has a doctor appt after work today, I decided to just get my yoga in so I could take a rest tonight.

I don't know where I even found the strength from in my last class.

I had a very choppy sleep the night before and felt blah all day at work too.

My stomach also was not in great form (probably due to the heavy leftovers I ate for lunch).

That's the amazing thing about this yoga though.

I got to practice with a friend I haven't seen in awhile and there were also a couple of first-timers directly behind watching me.  Maybe that's where my energy came from?

In any event, I feel really positive about this challenge this time around and think I can finish it.

I haven't always felt that way going into yoga challenges.

Happy Tuesday my friends! Monday is behind us as well as the struggles we may have faced with it :).

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day número uno

begins this afternoon, and wouldn't you know's snowing super heavily outside.

I'm not going to let that discourage me though.

I'm planning to hit the studio this week today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Let's see if I can keep my committment since I put it in writing. 

Next week will start on Sunday (I have family stuff Saturday so not sure if I will be able to make it to the studio).

Sunday I will choose what 3 weekdays I will commit to my practice.

How's your weekend going?

Any challenges you are committing to this month? 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perfect timing

for this challenge to start.

I've been beyond tired and stressed this week and have been sadly avoiding the studio as a side-effect.

No one has to convince me though getting back into my yoga routine will be a huge lift to my spirits.

And it's going to be March!!!

We should place bets of when the warm weather will be back :).

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not a super great week for yoga

I only made it to the studio 3x this past week....thought it would be more since my son was away.

But, 3x a week is still my weekly goal so I made it!

I did sign up for an upcoming 20 class challenge in March.

I think it's perfect timing, especially with this icky, awful weather.

It is finally in the 30s here which actually feels like a heat wave believe it or not.

I really don't know how people do it who live in climates where super cold is normal.  

How is your weekend going?  I'm skipping yoga today because I have a family party and would only be able to make it to the morning class.  An excuse, I know but I've been running all weekend so far and kind of want to veg around the house, go to Target and catch up on some other stuff before heading out this afternoon.

Will try to get back to the studio tomorrow night though.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It snowed again last night.

I have to go back to work after 3 long days off.

In the cold and snow.....

After a week away, I made it to yoga last night though.

And have endless possibilities to go the rest of the week too, so that's positive.

Now I have to figure out what the heck to wear to my job today besides my new waterproof boots!

Someone send warm weather PLEASE!!!

I can't take this anymore! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ridiculously cold!

OK I know it's winter Wah Wah Wah but it's still been ridiculously cold here in the northeast. I'm so over this weather and ready for spring.  I think the daily forecast also hasn't done anything positive for my mood (or anyone else's for that matter).  It's tough being cooped up inside and I'm not one of the few who will venture out into this wind.

It also doesn't help that I've been crazy busy this past week and missed out on my hot yoga practice. I'm definitely feeling the negative effects from not being in class.

Today we are planning to brave the cold and wind and travel upstate for the day.

My son is going to spend the week with my parents, since he has off for winter break.

Tomorrow I have off from work for the holiday, but I have a training in the am for my new contractor position. I'm going to be doing some adjustment counseling and maybe some other stuff as the need arises.  

I absolutely plan to get back to the studio in the afternoon though.

I'm also finally starting to shake the craziness of the past week in Socialworkland.

How's your weekend going? Is it ridiculously cold where you are? 

Any tips to make it through the next couple of months of bad weather? 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Anyone else?

Get family members demand to observe you while running groups and your program?  I feel like this is the latest "thing". 

One just said they wanted to "critique" me to let me know how to better work with their adult child....

Can't wait for my supervisor to be back from vacation!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Problems of the week #socialwork

Trying to make more time for social work discussion and overall support on the blog.
I miss the days of more interaction about the stuff many of us face at work.
So just to be brief some of the issues I've been working with this week:

Overbearing/inappropriate family members.
Clients who have probably outgrown my program, who complain to their family/caseworker that they are bored. (then in turn I get accused of not doing my job, asked to do things that are not realistic in my setting).
New students!
Families who send their loved one who needs 1:1 supervision, alone to the agency and expect us to just deal with them.
Health/safety risks in general.  Especially in the winter months, clients who should probably not be wandering around outside.....wandering around outside.

What kinds of problems have you been juggling on the job lately? Any good solutions you've used? 
Anything POSITIVE you want to share too?  It's so nice to end a week on an upbeat note, not focused on negative issues.

Let's chat!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Made it thru!

I went back to class yesterday after a 3 day break.

And wouldn't you know it......I had a good class.

Fortunately I didn't bang up my knee as bad as I thought....I was still able to get into eagle and I was also able to do the floor series and put pressure on it without being in pain.

My teacher told me to take it easy on my good knee and to ice my bad one if it starts to flare up again.

I'm going to take class later on this afternoon too.

I can't believe it's Sunday already.  The weekends always go by way too fast.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wouldn't you know it....

I finally start to get my yoga groove back and BAM!

Down I went on a patch of ice yesterday.

On my already effed up knee.

I'm in pain today and kind of bummed that I will need to start over again in many of my poses.

I keep telling myself though that's the thing about this yoga....there is no beginning and there is no end.  Like in life, it is what it is.

I took today off from work because my son has a doctor appt. later. Right now I'm enjoying just being lazy for a few hours and easing into my day.

I heard it's supposed to be another snowy, icy weekend/back to work week.

Watch out weather.  You're not going to get the best of me!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

It was a great week for yoga

I was able to get a couple of weeknight classes in, and I went yesterday evening too.

My studio also had a party last night and I ended up having a blast, and got to meet and talk to a lot of nice people I usually just see only in passing.

I almost didn't even end up going but one of my peers talked me into it last minute.

Today I'm planning to hit the 3pm before we head off to a Super Bowl party.  I never watch football but the halftime show and commercials tend to be sort of fun at least for non-fans

Plus I will get to catch up with some friends which is always nice.

This past week at work was thankfully much less stressful.  I'm thinking because we had lots of snow, were closed one day as a result and attendance was just down everyday because of the weather.  I expect more of the same this week, plus I took Friday off, so it will be a short 3 or 4 days for me anyway.

I gave my current student a glowing mid-year review which made them cry (awwwwww!) and I also got to meet a new psychology student who is going to help me out a few days a week for the next several months who seemed pretty cool.

My supervisor is also completly amazing and has promised to support me with a difficult client and their even more difficult family member.

All in all I have no complaints :) 

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Went back

to yoga yesterday after a 4 day break, and all the stress I've been feeling this week just melted away.  I was even able to get all the way back into two sets of camel.

It really works guys and I've said it before, but I can't recommend enough.

The hardest part is making it to class.....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I don't know about you guys....

but I think I was being punished for having Monday off as this week was kind of a week from hell.

Lots of client drama and was just one thing after another.

I didn't even have a chance to finish most of my paperwork which is so not like me. (And of course I'm stressed about that ;)

I've had random family call me crying about stuff, clients falling, making serious accusations about issues, saying they weren't taking their meds, fighting and even threatening to go blow things up.  Throw in some aide nonsense and just general lack of space and problems over that...yeah, this week I'm so glad it's over.  

I have to take a day off this comingTuesday to take my son to an appointment that has already been rescheduled....I'm kind of afraid of what I'm going to walk into on Wednesday.

I'm also super stressed about an issue that we seem unable to resolve....clients keep coming in early and we can't supervise them, which of course is leading to problems. I'm really feeling backed into a corner and may just need to say they can no longer come.

I haven't been to yoga since Monday, but I am definitely hitting my mat this weekend!

Any similar stories you want to share to make me feel better?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I haven't really been into writing lately.

I think because December always seems to be a pretty stressful month, with just getting through the holidays, spending ridiculous amounts of $$$ and being there for people who are often not in the mood to celebrate.....including myself ;).

I do like to look at January as a fresh new start however, and an opportunity to re-visit what I would like to accomplish.

My personal goals are pretty simple....take more time to play with my son (we both need that connection, if only for 10 minutes a day), finish some of our house renovations (DH ripped out most of the first floor this past week), get back on track with my spending/saving habits (been terrible lately) more yoga (at least 3x a week....always makes me feel better).

I have to drop some weight too, but I'm going to focus on small, easy changes like bringing salads for lunch.

I think these goals are realistic and manageable.

What goals are you looking to complete in the new year?

Any tips you have for me with mine?