Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 2: Get thru

Class was challenging today.

I was running around this morning, and not super hydrated, so I knew going in I would have those two things working against me. 

I sat out several postures.

My knee that I injured last year was also really acting up.  I had a lot of trouble with standing series, especially in the balancing poses.

However, I went in with the intention that I was going to get through and not make it any more difficult than it already is. I was able to accomplish that...I guess that's my good advice from class #2: don't make things anymore difficult than they are already :).  This is definitely something we can absolutely apply to most situations in life.

Now for my crazy moment of the day...I came home from class and took a shower and then........

......fell on the floor stepping out. The rug was slippery underneath, and went right out from under me. My bootie is really sore, but I will take that over how much worse the fall could've been.

Now I just want to settle in, hopefully get to bed super early.  

Til the next yoga class everyone!!!!!

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