Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Home today catch up

My son is home sick today so I have some time to catch up on my blog posts.

We had a FANTASTIC vacation on our cruise and I highly recommend if you are looking to get away and do something that covers a little bit of everything.

Also it makes for some interesting people watching and if you have any troubles in your life, they will probably seem a heck of a lot less once you meet some of those who frequent the bar areas on cruise ships ;). We have stories to share and my husband has friended some on Facebook and talk about lives of train wrecks....

I've gotten back into the swing of things at work already (like I never left lol).

This actually has been the first vacation I've come back from in awhile where I feel refreshed and not down and depressed like I usually do.

The fact that we vacationed in the spring and have the whole summer to look forward to I think plays a big part in this.

Plus by the last two days of our cruise, I was starting to go a little stir-crazy and wanted to get back to normal life.

My students are winding down and only have a couple of weeks left to go.

Having so many of them at once has been a huge stressor this year.

I've decided I'm only going to take on two in the fall and I also am only going to work with schools that I'm getting stuff out of (I.e. Realistic CEUs, one even gives you an "adjunct professor" title after working with them for 3 years).

Haven't been to the yoga studio since before vacation but that's okay.

I will get back into it when life slows down a little.

I've been trying to do some yoga at home and I've also been trying to get out and take a nice long walk most evenings.

Right now I'm looking forward to planning some long weekend getaways in the summer and of course Disney in October.

What are you looking forward to this spring/summer?

Any suggestions for local mini-vacation getaways, especially if you are in the MetroNY area?