Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update to last post

I did post on our social media site last night....asking if anyone would be interested in starting a more local alumnae association.  A few people expressed this at my weekend away and there was some mild interest again toward my posting.

I was involved in something like this years ago and it was a better experience.

People who wanted to be there went, less cliques and more financially savvy.  Plus it wasn't as much of a time committment.

We will see if anything comes of it.  People do a lot of talk,  but it's super hard to maintain relationships outside of our normal lives. I also have learned the burden for planning often falls on one person and it can take years even to have any success with these things.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Some things are just meant to be lived in the past

So I went back to college this weekend after a million years for a 25th anniversary reunion of my Greek organization.

To be honest, it made me have a ton of emotions, but overall, content with where I am currently in life.

The people I wanted to see the most were not able to attend, so it was a lot of small talk with people I either didn't know at all, or people I haven't had contact with in probably a decade.....really even longer LOL.

I was so glad I had the foresight to bring a friend with me because we made the best of it and ultimately did our own thing.

I left yesterday morning feeling my presence really didn't add much to this event......that I didn't have much in common at all anymore with this part of my past.

I felt a bit sad and even anxious.

So much made sense right then about what we are always talking about in yoga....living for the moment, not longing for how things used to be....

I CAN say though with certainty that I am looking forward to what's left to come. I will try really hard to focus more on what's right in front of me, right now, and be happy with all those things.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I never updated....

probably because I was so relieved to be done, but I completed my 20 class challenge this past Monday night.

I can't even begin to explain the amazing high I got when I laid down on my mat after final breathing.

I did it!!!!  

There were so many times reflecting back over the month that I didn't think I would.

I went back to the studio last night after a 3 day break and saw my name checked off with the other challengers.

I smiled.

I love having this yoga.

But I think this month I'm going to take it a little easier ;).

While I am definitely on a yoga cloud nine right now, there's something to be said for also not feeling like I'm in a competition to just get it done.....