Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes. Yes we all are.

Anyone who works in this field and fights the good fight for people in need, are awesome in my book.

Happy mid-week point, lovelies.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

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So I am doing okay with my goals over the past week.

I haven't eaten breakfast at all at my fave morning hang-out spot (just got coffee). In addition to that, I am doing better at phasing out carbs and take-out completely (I think we did one night with Subway last week).

My yoga practiced has still really sucked...........just made it to one class. Laziness and hot weather is still taking over any and all motivation to go. I am hoping to get back to class this afternoon.

I finally stopped playing phone tag with the child psychologist, and have an appointment scheduled for this coming Wednesday evening with DH and myself. The guy seemed really cool on the phone, and said he just wants to meet without my son first to talk about what's going on.

I have the application for school-based services filled out and am just waiting for the pediatrician to send back his justification so I can move forward.

Although, our overall plan since we feel at this point it's behavioral stuff with DS that can be changed, is that if we meet with the psychologist, perhaps we won't even have to follow through with the district.

At my job, I did feel like I got a lot of stuff done this past week, even though I was only there 3 days. I am looking forward to having no intakes scheduled however in my upcoming week so I can get at least 2 plans done. I want to focus on people I can bring onto the program really quickly, because that bonus $$$$ is calling my name LOL.

Speaking of money......what can I say? While I did save quite a lot over the past couple of weeks, all of my major bills are due in the beginning of the month, so most of that came right out of savings again.

I am planning to put my next couple of paychecks right back into savings though. *Fingers crossed*.

Oh, one more thing. Someone from a local message board I frequent, who is also a social worker emailed me that the hospital system I would ultimately like to get into is hiring for Per Diem social workers (i.e. to work PT during the evenings, weekends and holidays). She gave me the contact person, because it's an "in" to getting a F/T job there. I appreciate this A LOT and am absolutely considering applying, however, I don't know if I realistically have the time nor do I want to make the commitment to doing P/T stuff. So as an alternative, I was thinking of following up with the contact person instead, and asking for an informational interview, and to see if she will review my resume to make suggestions of what I should have on there, and maybe keeping it on file for if something F/T opens up.

What do you think of this social workers?

Related to that, I also have been considering having a few people look over my resume and maybe even having it professionally re-done.

I apologize if my posts have not been too exciting on here lately.
Life is pretty routine and anything social work related I think of writing about, tends to center around my same old rants, that you've all heard a gazillion times.

How has your week been? Anything new to share? Any advice for me with my goals?