Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life updates

Yoga-land: was a bomb in June.  I never made it past the 6 classes.
Planning to commit to the July 20 class challenge tonight so wish me luck.

Work: work is work. Mostly good days so I can't complain.  I start my stay-cation for the month of July in 2 days. Very much needed!

And the best news:  Just booked a random road-trip to Disney at the end of August.  Also decided to splurge on one of their resorts.  There seemed to be lots of hidden costs and overall aggravation in staying in a cheap hotel outside of the park.  And how often do we go on a real vacation? (yes, I do know that Disney is not the most relaxing place on earth, but you KWIM).

So I'm looking to share all tips Disney and road-trip if anyone has stumbled across my page and would like to share.

Hope you are having a decent summer so far too. What's new and interesting?