Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feel what you feel

I had someone blast me on Twitter last night for the feelings I had about what was going on up in Boston.

It wouldn't be the first time someone has alluded to the fact that what I do for a living should make me feel differently about a person and their behavior.

It wouldn't be the first time someone has tried to shame me for my beliefs.

This kind of thinking annoys the living crap out of me.

There are clients I know many of us come across daily that we can't stand for whatever reason, and populations we KNOW we can't work with.

I don't think it makes me or you any less of a "social worker". In fact, it makes me and you HUMAN.

I am not going to feel bad, or apologize for the way I feel about certain people.

I'm not going to feel bad and pussy-foot around certain people's actions being disgusting and unacceptable.

Yeah, we all know our mental health system is broken, but honestly, I don't think that's always an "excuse".

Some people just do really awful things and all the medication and psychiatrists in the world are not going to change them.

The end.

Friday, April 19, 2013

In case you missed my Twitter announcement..........

I got the job!!!!!!!

And I survived the hard part of telling my employer. (A current co-worker actually had to talk me through it I was shaking so bad).

An amazing company (#1 employer here on Long Island!).

GREAT benefits (I am actually taking a pay-cut, yet will still be bringing more $$$ home because they contribute so much towards family health insurance).

A very professional, supportive environment (I will be working closely with doctors, psychologists, OT/PT/SLPs for a well respected program in my niche area).

M-Fri 8:30-4:30 schedule and up to 27 days off a year. (Not just the 6 major holidays I get now).

Stable clients (no incidents in over 7 years!) and lots of downtime to work individually with people and on paperwork.

I will be learning new skills (running groups).

DIRECT DEPOSIT!!!! (This is HUGE for me).

And probably a bunch of other things that I will learn about when I begin my orientation.

My first day is at a major restaurant/catering hall on 5/20. The 2nd day is at the main hospital. The CEO attends (my current barely says hello to his employees), and we learn all about the company.

Then on my 3rd day, I will begin by shadowing the person in the role currently for about a week and a half (What, I'm actually being given real training and not being thrown into a role face first?!!).

I also think my current job is going to let me stay on very limited P/T and I will write plans and such from home for extra $$$$. I am going to see if they will also let me keep the laptop & IPhone too so I don't have to pay out of pocket for new ones ;). (Note: they also said I can always come back and alluded to counter-offering but I think my boss knew my mind was made up and not to push it).

I have heard of MANY people lately who like me, felt like they were stuck in a slump, getting offered new jobs. I hope that some of this positive is passed onto you if you are in this situation right now. The interview process, difficulty reading the potential employer and the WAITING are definitely the hardest parts of the game.

On that note though, I also truly believe now in the power of positive energy (even if it's from people online!), because I had so many who I've never even met, sending me happy thoughts from Twitter and a couple other social networking sites.

So with that said, here's to the next chapter of my life!!!!

Happy weekending all!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Waiting is the hardest part.............

It's going to be a really long week.

I hate waiting for the outcome of a major decision; especially one that is out of my control completely.

I spoke with my mom about it and she said it really is up to fate at this point; and that whole clich├ęd everything happens for a reason saying that they used to tell us back when I was pledging my sorority in college, having to do things that no one would probably be able to get away with now ;).

So that's where I'm at on this Monday morning.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend and the weather is FINALLY starting to become nice here on the East Coast.

I have decided that I am going to throw myself into my work today and that whatever happens, happens. (There I go, another saying LOL).

Do you have anything you are currently waiting to hear back on?

How do you handle the waiting game?

Has the decision worked out for the best, whether it was in your favor or not?

Friday, April 12, 2013

So I had an interview.....

My first in what seems like forever, and it was for my DREAM place to work. A well respected hospital system, for a fabulous program. The money and moreso, the benefits I have been told are amazing.

But in any event, I really do not know what to think about how it went.

I got to the first interview with HR early because I suspected I would need to fill out paperwork (Yep).

I was supposed to meet with the HR person at 1 and she did not come over to get me until about 1:15.

My time with her was limited and somewhat cold/tense. She asked me about 4 behavioral-related questions (Ugh!) and then basically escorted me to the elevators so I could go on to meet with the Director (who I fortunately happen to know and feel comfortable around).

When I arrived at the program site, the woman I would potentially be replacing, who I have worked with on shared cases before, came over and gave me a quick squeeze and wished me luck.

The interview with the Director was a lot warmer and laid back.

She asked me several times how serious I was about leaving my agency, if they had any idea I was looking to leave, how reliable I was and when could I realistically start, because she would need the person she hires to be able to shadow the current worker for at least one week.

She then went on to tell me that I was the 8th candidate interviewed and she had more people scheduled for next week. (Sigh).

No mention of salary/benefits was discussed from either person. The Director actually told me she was not allowed to discuss this topic; only HR can.

I left there feeling very confused and in a sense, defeated (?????). It didn't help that I decided to go back to my office where I was faced with great negativity from current co-workers.

The rest of the day I ended up just feeling sad and "stuck" for lack of a better term.

One of my references, who is a powerful, well-known, respected person in my field, did text me the night before the interview to say he was going to call the Director and put in a good word for me.

When I got home last night, I emailed both people I met with to thank them, and I plan to send a hand-written thank you to the Director.

All I can do now though is wait.