Friday, April 19, 2013

In case you missed my Twitter announcement..........

I got the job!!!!!!!

And I survived the hard part of telling my employer. (A current co-worker actually had to talk me through it I was shaking so bad).

An amazing company (#1 employer here on Long Island!).

GREAT benefits (I am actually taking a pay-cut, yet will still be bringing more $$$ home because they contribute so much towards family health insurance).

A very professional, supportive environment (I will be working closely with doctors, psychologists, OT/PT/SLPs for a well respected program in my niche area).

M-Fri 8:30-4:30 schedule and up to 27 days off a year. (Not just the 6 major holidays I get now).

Stable clients (no incidents in over 7 years!) and lots of downtime to work individually with people and on paperwork.

I will be learning new skills (running groups).

DIRECT DEPOSIT!!!! (This is HUGE for me).

And probably a bunch of other things that I will learn about when I begin my orientation.

My first day is at a major restaurant/catering hall on 5/20. The 2nd day is at the main hospital. The CEO attends (my current barely says hello to his employees), and we learn all about the company.

Then on my 3rd day, I will begin by shadowing the person in the role currently for about a week and a half (What, I'm actually being given real training and not being thrown into a role face first?!!).

I also think my current job is going to let me stay on very limited P/T and I will write plans and such from home for extra $$$$. I am going to see if they will also let me keep the laptop & IPhone too so I don't have to pay out of pocket for new ones ;). (Note: they also said I can always come back and alluded to counter-offering but I think my boss knew my mind was made up and not to push it).

I have heard of MANY people lately who like me, felt like they were stuck in a slump, getting offered new jobs. I hope that some of this positive is passed onto you if you are in this situation right now. The interview process, difficulty reading the potential employer and the WAITING are definitely the hardest parts of the game.

On that note though, I also truly believe now in the power of positive energy (even if it's from people online!), because I had so many who I've never even met, sending me happy thoughts from Twitter and a couple other social networking sites.

So with that said, here's to the next chapter of my life!!!!

Happy weekending all!!!!

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  1. Congrats! That is so exciting. Can't wait to hear how it goes.