Sunday, October 1, 2017

A whole month has gone by!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at 6am.
So excited for our first adult only Disney trip.
Everyone thinks I'm a mean mom but thankfully my son wants nothing to do with Disney and is more excited to be hanging out with family this week.
Headed to the yoga studio for 3rd day in a row---go me!
Once again proof that if I try to talk myself out of class it's all anxiety in my head and I end up having a great session.
I even decided to sign up for the October challenge to do 20 classes. Since I'm missing a week I will have to do some doubles when I get back but I really only made it a personal goal to get back into 3 classes a week. So as always 20 is just a number....
All summer long I've ebbed around 1-2 a week so want to stop making excuses and do 3 more regularly.

Work is work of course. I like my new interns but I also think the honeymoon period is ending with them too.

I will address the issues I'm beginning to see when I get back.

Being on vacation will either exacerbate things or give them the opportunity to shine.

What are your plans for this fall?

Have a relaxing rest of your weekend everyone!