Monday, October 29, 2018

Finished 20!

I was able to stay and get through the two classes yesterday.

I definitely feel like a yoga rockstar.

And I'm definitely taking tonight off from yoga lol.

The biggest thoughts I take from this experience is how much yoga can impact my life and those around me.  

I also have found that EVERYONE has something to say about yoga....sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

This too has been a struggle as of late.

In any event, I am looking forward to keeping a consistent practice now of at least 3 days per week.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Double down, double to go

18 classes down!! I stayed for a double last night and it was great. While I hate morning yoga tremendously, it's my goal to finish up the challenge this morning. Even if that means laying out on my mat--that is still yoga.
I am really dragging this morning. Really.
Also if I can get thru just one class, I will still have Monday and Tuesday to finish up. Wish me luck that I can overcome the negative self-talk today....

Friday, October 26, 2018

All the yoga feels

I pushed myself to go to the 8pm last night and had a great class 16.
I felt exhausted before the session even began but somehow all the strength I needed was there to do every pose to the best of my ability.
I remember in a recent class the instructor saying that if you come consistently, it's easier to recover and go into each pose. Your body also is not as affected by the environmental elements either.
In any event I'm super proud of making it this far, and finding a new routine to keep me happy and healthy during the fall and winter months ahead.
I feel strong this weekend and hope to finish the full 20.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

15 classes down

And I'm exhausted so I took tonight off.
Back to the mat tomorrow though!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Forgot 14

I finished clase numero 14 two days ago. Hoping to get back to class tonight even if I have to force myself to go to the last class of the evening. 6 more to go!!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lovin' the finished version

Update from my Dunkin donuts colors.
I love how adding the other colors made it pop. Had a lot of fun creating this over the past 2 days.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lucky #13

Day 13 is in the books. Had a pretty great class. Heat didn't bother me at all.
I have my alarm set for the morning...the plan is to try to do a double. We shall see...

OK I actually decided to turn my alarm off. I can still aim to do my double in the afternoon then come home, make dinner and go straight to sleep before Monday is upon me again.

Gel crayons

Tried a different medium this morning. These are fun but probably will work better just coloring free hand so you don't need to stay between the lines. May bring to work for my clients who like to create their own designs.

My other favorite form of meditation

I usually blog from the app on my phone which for some reason doesn't let me upload pics of my other favorite pastime.
Adult cheesy as it sounds.
I usually do at least one a day or spread it out to complete over a few days if it's very intricate.
This is so relaxing for the brain.
I also love that I can throw it out and start over again if I don't like the way it's turning out.
And it keeps me on track to actually start and finish something.
These are definitely applicable real life lessons.
Adult coloring is one of the most favorite activities with my own clients at work as well.
Here is my latest....Dunkin' Donuts colors.

Day 12 done

Was a pretty decent class. Also took yesterday off from work so getting to attend much earlier in the day was fabulous.
I'm planning to go to lucky #13 later today and may set my alarm to get up early and do a double in the AM.
Then I will only have 5 to go :).
Happy weekending all. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Day 11

Wonderful tiny class of all women.

I made a new yoga friend.

And our teacher Jen had us turn our mats to see ourselves completely in the mirror.

It was great to get a new angle to poses.

I came out of class and had a message from an old friend I lost touch with.

All this yoga made me realize how a positive vibe seems to be attracting that all around me.

I crossed the half way point so I feel I really have this challenge now!!

I've also taken about 20 classes so far since I picked up my 3 day a week routine back in September.

20 days is what they say it takes to establish a new habit and it is absolutely working.

Yay to Thursday tomorrow and only 2 more work days!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Half-way mark

Day 9 and 10 did and done.
Remind me never to eat a large meal and go to a late night yoga class less than 2 hours later though.
Only positives was I laid out almost all of floor series and that just being there was still yoga ;).

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Yoga for trauma

Yoga can play a huge part in improving a trauma survivor's overall quality of life.

First off, it can help one get to a place of immediately feeling better if they are anxious and stressed. Just through the acts of breathing and movement.

Finding a warm and welcoming studio can give many survivors a safe space that feels like the home they would love to create. They also become spaces that trauma survivors can just go to if they need to get away from their "normal" life.

Yoga studios tend to be spaces that bring a variety of people together, most who are caring and supportive--NOT judgemental or even down right scary.

For those who struggle with the lasting effects of trauma, being around people in regular day to day settings takes a lot of work and often "acting" to get through.

At a safe studio, a person can let their guard down and be themselves.

They have the opportunity to relax and let their brain rest. Relaxation and rest are life needs that are often missing for the person facing effects from a traumatic life situation.

Yoga helps clear the brain to the point where a person can begin to see different options and possibilities to improve their life circumstances.

Many trauma survivors do not feel comfortable talking about their problems with people in real life, including a therapist.

Yoga offers the ability to seek answers internally.

Yoga is also something that can be done on one's own.  If one wants to be social, studios offer this option but they also offer the option to be left alone as well.

Many trauma survivors don't always want to be social but still crave being out and around people.

Lastly yoga can also give a trauma survivor a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

Yoga is not an easy thing for the average person to do--especially certain styles like Bikram.

Just getting through the class though can be the reminder that one can get through anything life may throw their way.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Day 8

Feeling super content.

Takeaways from my instructor:

This yoga is the real deal. It's transforming. No matter what, we leave each class with a clear, crisp mind and seeing so many possibilities that lie before us.

You are never too old to start and you will reap endless benefits if your practice is consistent.

I hope someone out there is reading this yoga diary and has the courage to try for themselves.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 7

I finished Day 7 yesterday. Some of my yoga friends were impressed I've done so many classes so far.

I'm loving it!!

Tonight I'm taking off to stay in and have some much deserved wine, cheese and other finger foods.

Yoga tomorrow and Sunday though.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 6 done

And I have to miss tonight :(.

We've been talking about letting go of bad habits.

Also had a teacher show me the right way to do a pose I've been doing wrong forever. He said isn't it good to let go of a bad habit....

It was like a lightbulb went off.

Can't wait to get back tomorrow.

Loving my renewed yoga habit ;).

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 5 is done

I'm now into my groove where I am seeing this yoga as the best thing in my life to get me through the upcoming time change and long, dark, cold winter.
I'm enjoying my new routine.
Socializing a bit before and after class.
It's not always easy getting to the studio or doing this practice.
I kept remembering a favorite yoga quote yesterday though that can also be applied to real life:

Falling out of a pose is human. But getting back in is what makes you a yogi.

I am planning to get back to my mat tonight again though. Can't wait!!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Day 4 done

Not sure if I'm gonna make it to class in the AM. But so happy I went today even with family in from out of town.

I did plan for the week ahead though: Monday, Tues, Thurs, Fri and the weekend.

I chatted with some yoga friends today....old and new. Encouraged someone new who was struggling as well. She caught my eye several times and I was happy to see she came back and stayed this time after running out for the second time. The other day she left altogether.

Anyways it is late and I'm exhausted. Have a great sleep yogis.

Birthday wishes

Do more yoga. It's like a vacation away when I can't take vacation.

Speaking of vacations, in January have a surprise Florida vacay planned.

Hoping to go back to cozy beach cottages in the early summer and hopefully a cruise in the late fall!!

As I get older all I want is self-care to look forward to.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 3 down

I already feel like I'm falling back into a good routine. It was wise starting weeknight classes after work a few weeks ago.
My body is already craving the practice and this new structure.
I'm actually kind of bummed because I probably won't make it to the studio today and tomorrow due to work and some personal appointments. 
I *could* probably make the late night class, but I'm also not willing to sacrifice not seeing my son at all tonight.
We also have company from out of town staying this weekend so it looks like I may need to change my yoga schedule to AM classes. I rarely do AM classes because I find my body is not warmed up enough, however, if there is anything this yoga is teaching me---is the importance of just showing up for myself. Even if it's only for a basic, easy practice.
Now that I've completed  3 days of classes in a row, I really feel confident that I have this challenge.
With every day down, that goal is closer....

Every journey begins with a single step.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day 2 Yoga-isms

Arrive early to class each day and talk to someone new or who you normally do not interact with.

Our instructor also mentioned if you do 20 days of yoga classes in one month, your body changes more for the better compared to what it would in 6 months worth of yoga because of the consistency.

Can't wait to go back to the studio again this evening for #3.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 1: Yoga Challenge yoga-ism

Relax and you shall receive.

Wise words mentioned throughout Day 1 of my 20 day yoga challenge.