Saturday, January 18, 2014

Boring blog

I feel like I've hit a wall on here.

In the past, I think that I've had a lot to write about that is social work related, but lately, that's hardly the case at all.

My clients tend to all be pretty stable, and if they do present with some kind of an issue, it's fortunately not something that is too crisis related that I require feedback from the great wide web on.

My co-workers are all decent people and on the occasion that an issue comes up with my student, I know that this is not the appropriate forum to write about it.

I'm still doing some minimal P/T work at my old company, and recently, I've started to peruse the want ads looking to see if there's some place else I may be able to pick up a tiny worthwhile gig without completely overwhelming myself.

I actually must say as well, that my son seems to be turning over a new leaf since he hit 5 around New Year's.

A lot of the behaviors that were making me practically go into crisis mode have almost disappeared completely.

I still have an appt. scheduled for him to meet with a specialist in the early spring, but am wondering now if maybe we won't even need it?

I contribute all of these changes to the fact that everyone is growing up around here.

With all this said, I'm not sure when I will be back to write or what turn I would like this blog to take. I kind of value my anonymity overall (even though there are a handful of people who know who I am IRL) so something like a fashion, photography or daily lifestyle blog is not my cup o' tea.

Anyways, I just wanted to check in to say I haven't completely fallen off the planet, but life is just pretty boring right now and I'm okay with that.