Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since it's a new month..........

July goals

Source: via Social on Pinterest

So I feel like June was a crap month for me accomplishing things I wanted to get done.

I also ate like total crap and only made it to THREE Bikram classes for the entire month, and no, being away for a whole week should not have been an excuse to not go throughout the rest of the month.

I looked at a picture of myself from earlier this week and I can tell I've put on weight and I don't feel good about it all.

I also felt like I didn't get as much done as I should have in terms of some of my paperwork for my job.

In the past, when I've made what I feel are achievable goals, and have written them down publicly to hold myself accountable, I think that I've done pretty well in following through on them.

So I am going to try the same for this month. Here are some of the things I would like to accomplish in July:

1.) Phase out Panera breakfast during the week. Notice I didn't say coffee ;). I add this to my list because I totally feel that having a bagel, or something with bacon and cheese 4 mornings a week is literally going straight to my hips. While I will continue to go there in the morning for coffeetime before the craziness of work begins, I will pack a healthy breakfast to eat at my desk, instead. On the weekends, I rarely eat breakfast, or will have something small and light, so I really just need to break my Panera food habit and all should be good.

2.) Get back to my mat at least 3 days a week. I know that once I get back into a routine again, I will be fine. I really broke my stride this month and it was too easy to get into a pattern of not going as a result. 3 classes is pretty easy for me to make. One can be on the weekend, and then I just have to commit to 2 weeknights.

3.)Receive at least 2 bonuses this month. I've been pretty steady with completing this goal and did it in June. Money talks for this social worker ;).

4.) Save even just $50.00 more a week. I noticed with my vacation spending this month, that bonus money pretty much went out the window on crap like food and souvenirs. I want to try to really focus on getting our joint savings account back up to where it needs to be, even with something as small as $50.00 a week.

5.) Follow through on some things for my son.
I've talked a lot on Twitter as of late about what's going on with him. This one should really be #1 on my list of things I MUST accomplish this month. In a nutshell, he's 3 and has been displaying a lot of behavioral concerns over the past several months. I would like to get him evaluated both through my insurance, as well as through our school district. If all is well through the psychologist I pay for, I figure I won't need to pursue options through the school, which from what I hear, can take a lot longer.

So there ya have it friends. My goals for the month of July.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Wednesday

I just realized the last time I wrote a post was a week ago.

There's hasn't really been anything new and exciting for me to talk about however.

My vacation is long over. (Although I have off next week for The 4th!)

Work is pretty routine these days.

Not much drama there as of late (fortunately!).

Our department is going to be moving into our own space soon which is pretty exciting.

And I'm enjoying my morning coffee in peace right now (my favorite time of day).

I think sometimes routine can be good though. At least for me. I like structure. I like predictability. I know even little changes can make me a bit nutty.

What about you?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy summer y'all

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This seems fitting for today.

It's going to be a hot one out there. Well over 90 degrees.

I also returned back to my mat last night after being away from it for 16 days straight.

I basically died in the heat.

But it felt so good to be back.

And the warmth of sunshine of the summer always makes things feel better.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well my time away is officially over.

We had an amazing time.

Now I need to get over vacation brain and back into my social work routine.

I know I have much waiting for me, bright and early tomorrow morning. In our world, the work never ends. It just multiplies.

Have a good week all!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

goin on


Don't know if I will have time during the week to get back on much.

Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I know I've posted this statement on my blog before (not too long ago in fact) but it caught me again on Pinterest and really bears repeating, for both the social work world, and life in general.

How was your weekend everyone?

I enjoyed lots of rest and relaxation in the early summer sunshine.

Did some yoga.

Finished the second book of the Hunger Games.

Cleaned out our entire basement and threw away basically everything that was accumulating down there. (I can't explain how great this feels to have space and CLEAN back!)

Made a few yummy meals, one of which included Chicken Tikka.

Friday I went to Western Massachusetts for work, and tomorrow I am up bright and early to head to Boston.

Then, once I get through the week ahead it's off to play near the ocean all next week, as we head to Rehoboth Beach for our summer vacation.

What's new and nice in your neck of the woods?