Monday, April 18, 2016

Learning to say no

I have an offer to do PT work again.
Most of it can be done at home.
I told the person I would get back to them.
And while we could definitely use the money, after having a nice relaxing weekend, I think I'm going to say Thanks but no thanks.
Between all my son's activities, working FT and just wanting "me" time....especially with summer coming....adding more to my plate for an extra paycheck each month just doesn't seem worth it.

It was a timely reminder of all that is good in my life.
I got two yoga classes in this weekend.
And spent two afternoons in the sun just coloring.

Budget, I need to work on you again too.....

Happy Monday all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So I got the best news

I said a post back or so on here that I needed to let this challenge go and just focus on getting in my 3 classes a week.

And for the most part I'm fine with that. I've even done I think 3 classes since I last wrote on here.

But I got the best news since I last checked in, and the idea actually came to me on my mat.

I had been thinking how hard it is to get to class during the week. Because of my schedule I really can only make it to the 8pm.  With working FT though, and getting home almost 2 hours before, most nights the last thing I want to do is head out to yoga at 8:00 no matter how great if feels once I'm there.

I thought how amazing it would be if I could do the 6 pm more regularly. This would allow me to have time with my son at night, eat a normal dinner and go to bed at a non-ridiculous hour.  A friend at work also recently commented that I'm at work way before my shift and way after my clients leave for the day.  And even though my schedule is set by the health system I work for, I should ask about leaving early. 

So I did.

At first my supervisor said "we will have to talk about it and see".  Less than 30 minutes later I got a nice email that my schedule was changed starting yesterday, thank you for working hard and that I deserved this.

And can I just say what a difference getting out just a half hour makes! I miss all the volume of rush hour traffic, and am home in around 40 minutes.  I had time yesterday to let the dog out and chill a bit and then get to the studio with plenty of time to spare.

It's such a little thing but such an amazing difference for my life.

So as usual, I would like to thank my boss for this positive change but most of all, my mat for bringing the idea to the surface.

Monday, March 14, 2016


I got class 17 in a week ago.

But because of life commitments, I'm shamed to say I haven't been back to the studio since then.

So I'm making my goal a little less lofty and focusing again on making it there 3x a week.

For the most part, I have been doing some kind of daily exercise/movement at least, even if it's not yoga, which is more than I was doing before, so go me.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Got two classes in this weekend. For that I am proud.
Saturday my head was in a really good place and I was able to really focus during class, despite any distractions going on around me.  That was such an awesome feeling. Focusing and getting into a zone during Bikram is probably one of the biggest challenges of this yoga.  I did come home and ended up crashing, even sleeping past 8am on Sunday which never happens.

I had plans to get a double in that morning but my body was just not up for it.  I needed my morning and early afternoon to recharge, not to mention catch up on all my normal Sunday things. Like laundry and grocery shopping. I always feel stressed if I don't have these things done before I focus on myself.

The 3pm yesterday was a good class, but I was in a different mind and body space. My balance was off, my bum knee was hurting and my mind kept drifting.  But the heat also wasn't super intense and I was able to get thru every pose, which can be rare some days.

I also got some coloring in on Saturday.  The print I'm working on is very detailed so it will probably take me a few more days to complete.

It's now Monday and I'm tired but I'm planning to attend yoga tonight no matter what.  I am already feeling a positive transformation, especially with the wellness stuff I've been doing through work, and want to keep that going.

One of the work studies at my studio randomly told me yesterday I looked like I lost weight and I just seemed much healthier.....

Friday, March 4, 2016

Not super exciting

for most out there, but I started another 20 challenge last night.
Wasn't able to make first two nights in March because my husband worked late and I needed to be with my son.
We also are doing a wellness challenge at work, so I've been doing some kind of exercise or relaxation activity daily.
It's been super motivating, I incorporate into my client groups and I really look forward to this stuff.  I came up with an impromtu silly for my clients yesterday...We painted a group mural with feet, hands or some kind of object if one didn't want to touch the paint. Almost everyone participated and were feeling better after the session because it was so ridiculous.
I even last minute brought a work friend to yoga with me last night for her first class.

Of course I'm dragging today because of less sleep (major con of weeknight classes), but it's Friday.  

Did you get in anything relaxing this week? Did you do anything impromtu and silly?

I hope you find time for something wellness-related over the weekend.

1 down, 19 to go....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Forgot to say I recently went on a quick trip here.

I'll repeat what I've told everyone IRL when they ask me how I enjoyed it.

The food was out of this world.

Loved the coffee and the muffuletta was the best sandwich of my life.

The tours we went on were pretty amazing.

Seeing area still affected by Katrina was very humbling and I got very emotional.

Architecture was something I never saw before and loved that too.

Everything is also fantastic during the daytime.

BUT....the whole seedy vibe just turned me off.  

Feel how you feel about the police, but there is NO presence of them in this town and it really shows.

It wasn't even the few homeless/mentally ill that bothered me.

It was the whole hustle scene and not being able to walk down practically any street without being hassled by a hipster. People also do hard drugs right out in the open, same as if they were drinking coffee, so that's kind of disturbing as well if you aren't ever around that.

I'm glad we went but I don't think I'd go back.

Bourbon Street is totally gross and is definitely a place where people who have had terrible things that happened to them in life....well....go to die.  

It's a very sad, eye-opening experience.

New Orleans is a city that makes the average person appreciate the day to day issues they struggle with in life.

I think I liked Vegas better believe it or not.  

Next quick couples trip I am aiming for somewhere on the West Coast.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Relaxing weekend

I've spent most of my weekend doing relaxing things.

Which for me means adult coloring & yoga class.

Who could ask for a better weekend?

Still have a ways to go on each of these prints but will probably bring to work and color alongside some of my clients.

This week starts a wellness challenge at my company so I'm planning to spin that into my groups at my agency.

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax? Anything that you also enjoy doing with your clients if you're a social worker? 

P.S. I picked up this book and some of the markers for under $5 each at Five Below.  This is one of my favorite stores, and a great resource for social work supplies ;).