Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello my friends

It seems that everyone is chiming in about 2017 so I figured I might as well too.

I have been sick since Christmas Eve which started out with a fever and has turned into this endless cough, no energy and no voice thing.

I have moments where I start to feel better then I mostly feel blah again.

I should probably go back to the doctor, but when I was there on Christmas Day they said it just needs to run its course. 

I've been sticking to my yoga goals for the most part.  I've made it to the studio a few times over the holidays, even on sick days. Probably not the greatest idea however.

I also have fortunately gotten back to a home practice.

I am doing the 31 day Yoga Challenge #YogaRevolution with Yoga with Adriene.

I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking to get back on your mat, with a FREE practice that is super easy to follow and to modify.

I completed Day 3 yesterday.

She also has wonderful videos other than the challenge.

I recently completed her 7 minute yoga (because even 7 minutes is still yoga!) as well as Yoga for a Rainy Day when I was struggling with sick and didn't want to leave my house in the awful weather.

Other than my yoga, not much else seems to change. 

Work is still work.

My interns are all coming back from break today.  This is a good and not so good thing lol.

I am counting down to my two wonderful trips I have planned this year.

Anyways, this is my quick little check in. I now need to hop in the shower and begin my day.

Best wishes for a great 2017, less sickness, less stress and lots more yoga!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Yoga journaling

I've had this beautiful journal for more than a year now just sitting, not sure what to use it for.

I'm not big on taking time out each day and letting my thoughts flow, even if they are private thoughts.

In any event, I was recently reading an online yoga forum where someone posted about Yoga Journaling.

I have touched upon this on here in the past but I thought this was a really cool, more personal way to advance my practice and continue to make the connections from my mat to real life.

The format to follow is suggested as:

Date/Place of Practice

Today's Intention


Goals for Practice

Successes/What I am Grateful for


I started last night by documenting my studio class earlier that day.

My plan is to get yoga in at home or work and document it if I can't make it to the studio that day.

Even a few minutes of yoga is still yoga ;).

Mosaic butterflies journal

~Cultural myth and lore honor the butterfly as a symbol of transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis.~

Friday, December 2, 2016

Just need to get thru today + tomorrow

I took today off from work.
I am part of an organization that aims at the betterment of our town and tomorrow is our huge annual fundraiser.
There's a lot of set up and running around involved later today so I said let me treat myself by taking the day.

This actually has still turned into seeing clients in the beginning half of my day however (one for my FT job, I'm just getting paid for that hour, the other is a makeup for my PT position).

My sleep has been off this week so I can't wait until tomorrow night around 7 pm when all of this is over and I can get back to a somewhat less hectic life.

But not really. 

It is the holidays after all.

I kind of am not a big fan at all and really wish we could just fast forward to January instead...

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Quick Update

for those of you who have been following my Celiac's's been a couple weeks now that I've had wheat out of my system and I honestly feel pretty amazing.

And this is coming from someone who only got checked out at the urging of family, not that I thought I had any major symptoms of the disease.

Some of the things I have learned so far:

There are a ton of foods you can still eat. Including items that aren't specifically recreated as "gluten free".

Thanksgiving was actually great this year for this reason and it's honestly been the first time in as long as I can remember that I didn't eat a big meal and afterwards immediately feel blah.

You can also still order a fast food cheeseburger, but order it wrapped in lettuce.  We did this over the weekend with Five Guys and it really hit the spot.  With their endless brown bag of fries, I guarantee you will not even miss the bun.

Telling people is still kind of awkward but many are intrigued, yet overly supportive.  I found this at my yoga studio over the weekend.

My biggest challenge right now is upcoming holiday work dinners out with my boss and team. Most things are pre-ordered at Italian restaurants and I don't want to necessarily tell everyone and call attention to myself.

So I'm still figuring out what to do about this.

I'm also cooking a lot more at home now which means lots of good leftovers for work.

Other than that....I'm sad as always how quickly the long weekend flew by.

I'm onto yet another crazy week and even crazier weekend.

Thank goodness for 3 days in a row at the studio. With my schedule this week, I may not make it back to my mat until at least Sunday.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and let's hope this week goes easy on us all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I get it now

I'm starting to get used to my new eating issues but I have to say I'm realizing more and more the impact food has on one's life.

And some people honestly don't realize (or seem to care) if you have a food allergy.

A few people I've told seem to downplay it and make no secret of talking about all I'm missing out on and savoring something in front of me. "You sure you don't want a piece of this cake? What about scraping off the icing?".

There's also people who don't even respond or seem annoyed if you tell them. (Like people choose this to be difficult or do it for attention).

I have a few clients who have food allergies or who are just triggered by food in different ways.

The more I am learning about my illness, the more I am understanding.

Monday, November 21, 2016

So yeah I have Celiacs...

I got the phone call from the specialist's office just as we were about to slice into a cake at work the other day because that is Murphy's law.

I have spent most of the weekend researching and purchasing things I can eat.

TBH, I don't think it's going to be that bad. 

A little bit of a healthy lifestyle change which is always a good thing.

My sister also has it (main reason I got checked, not that I noticed any major symptoms, at least nothing I initially contributed to this) so she has been a huge help in guiding me.

I made my first gluten free pizza this weekend and my husband actually did not notice a difference.

I also picked up lots of fruits, veggies, and yogurt this weekend and made a pot of chili and rice.

Eating out is going to be the major prob, because of cross-contamination.

I think I experienced this already when I ate out over the weekend and ordered something fried.

But from what I have read up on, almost 95% of food we eat can be made gluten free.

I was also advised to stay away from GF products in general, unless a special treat. They are super pricy and usually packed with additives.

So this is my "news".

Loving that I finally have a short week though.

We will be headed into Manhattan Wednesday night to watch them blow up the parade balloons and then we are traveling north to see the fam for a couple days.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Friday, November 4, 2016


and super thankful for coffee this morning.
My son woke me up in the middle of the night, I had a hard time falling back to sleep, took some melatonin with a side of Law & Order and alarm went off.

It's also been a very long but very short week if that makes sense.

I did get a lot accomplished and *knock on wood* all is good with most of my clients and I haven't left work feeling defeated at all this week.

The goal for this weekend is to actually get back to the studio. 

I feel like I've been majorly slacking in self-care. I think I only made it there once last weekend.

Oh and definitely more long walks.  I've only taken one this week--two of you count Halloween which isn't the same thing with my son in tow.

I'm cherishing this next 20 minutes of quiet before I need to start my Friday.  I wish it would last longer...