Monday, March 18, 2019

Happy Sunday...on a Monday

So far today has been a total self care Sunday. Barely left the house except to gas up my Jeep and grab some of my favorite clothing items that I saw were on sale at Target. I didn't even go to yoga. Haven't really been committed to it lately and I have been okay with that. I've been working on a mandala. Still one of my favorite self care hobbies. This one even turned out to have a subtle St. Patrick's Day flair....

Published this late as the app has been wonky. Totally not letting me upload pics either.

Oh well. I am still alive and well...or at least keeping my head above water...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Up early

My stomach started bothering me at 3:50 am so I got up and I never went back to sleep.
Too bad it's only Tuesday but I feel better already and I've been enjoying my morning ritual of sitting quietly in the dark, sipping good french press and catching up on social media.
Thinking about a good group to facilitate with my clients this morning and the idea of rituals and routines seems like a great topic.
Because they can be very therapeutic and are one of the small things in life that are pretty big in the grand scheme of things.
I for one am completely thrown off if I don't have this quiet time alone to ease into my day.
Even if it's much earlier than I expected ;).....

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Almost 2 weeks!!

That is the length of time I've been gone from the yoga room and my body unfortunately really feels it.

This month has been so crazy busy that I've chosen to embrace that knowing the yoga will always be there waiting for me.

Today I am going to purchase my annual Christmas gift though--my unlimited yearly--to help myself get back into the game.

The best part is I can get this covered through my work HSA!!

Self care. It is so needed!!

Happy weekending all. We almost made it thru the stressfulness of the holiday season....

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Got thru the first hard week

First stressful week of December is in the books.
And it ended up so much better than I could've hoped.
Will keep reminding myself that obstacles are often just those barriers we build up in our mind.
Onwards and upwards!!

Monday, December 3, 2018


The holiday season kicks off big time at work this week.
I know this makes me sound like a crotchety old social worker but I really hate this time of year.
I wish we could continue to operate business as usual and not make a big huge deal of things.
The holidays often just lead to undue stress and aggravation.
I'm filling up on French Press this morning and still feel there's not enough coffee in the world.
Here's hoping this week fly's by!!