Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tried writing from the beach

Just got back yesterday from a long weekend at the beach. I tried writing a post from there but the app kept shutting down.
In any event, had a relaxing time overall and my mini vacay was exactly what I needed to recharge.

Speaking of shutting down though....I wish people wouldn't catastrophize so much the end of summer.

It seems so dismal and final but that's really NOT the case.

We will still have decent weather and sun for sometime.

Still be able to go places and do fun things.

I actually have something great to look forward to in January even.

Seasons come and go, for sure. But we always seem to manage and pull thru.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesdays are ridiculously hard

I am always so tired on Wednesday and this is also one of my longest days of the week because I see a counseling client after my regular job.

Tuesday night is also MAFS reality tv so I am up extra late.

Main positive is once Wednesday is over, the rest of the week usually flies by.

My son is going to be away for a few days with his grandparents.

I also need to pack for our upcoming beach long weekend.

Hope today flies by for all of us!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Crisp mornings

We were supposed to leave for a week to the beach in SC this morning. For several disappointing reasons that I am now over, that trip is not happening.

Instead, I am making the best of the first crisp morning here on my couch.

Windows open slightly, fresh air, hot coffee and no plans except maybe yoga later.

We spent the day out in the Hamptons yesterday at a pool party.

Even though it's not a week away at the beach....this is exactly a mini break that I need to rest and recharge.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Long Days

I've found my days at work have become longer lately.
New client schedules.
Plethora of more challening people.
Additional tasks to take on.
On one hand this is good because it helps the days go quickly.
On the other, there are some days I sit down at the end of the day and am simply exhausted.
I try to take a long walk for self care but even then I still feel like I want to collapse on the sidewalk lol...

I've been putting my feelers out lately in looking for something new.

There's some stuff going on with my job that I can't change and am not happy about.

It's helped to get my resume out and talk to other social workers about their work and what's available (And not!!).

I will probably stay put for the time being-it's not ALL bad thankfully--or maybe move to a different department if it can happen (super hard to move internally for a variety of reasons which is also a current frustration).

Anyways, at least it's Thursday and the weekend is almost upon me....

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

That moment

That moment in the morning when it goes from really dark to becoming a little light outside.

Sipping good coffee a la my trusty French press.

Knowing that something great may be coming my way today.

Sending out the positive vibes on this weekly hump day for you and for me....

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mindfulness is....

In yoga class yesterday our teacher Brian spoke about his favorite mindfulness visualization.

I forgot the name of the person to give the original credit and am too lazy to google before coffee but here goes...

He spoke about how our thoughts are a constant waterfall...coming and going and unable to stop.

But, if you look closely, right behind the waterfall, there is an empty space, a place that just exists....calm and just letting all come and go if you can get yourself to that place behind the waterfall...

I also loved the idea of visualizing all of our thoughts as a beautiful waterfall.

It reminded me that even in the most challenging and frustrating of moments, they usually always pass.

And that we may have one thing we are getting stuck on, however, we are still surrounded by lots of beautiful.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A whole month has gone by!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at 6am.
So excited for our first adult only Disney trip.
Everyone thinks I'm a mean mom but thankfully my son wants nothing to do with Disney and is more excited to be hanging out with family this week.
Headed to the yoga studio for 3rd day in a row---go me!
Once again proof that if I try to talk myself out of class it's all anxiety in my head and I end up having a great session.
I even decided to sign up for the October challenge to do 20 classes. Since I'm missing a week I will have to do some doubles when I get back but I really only made it a personal goal to get back into 3 classes a week. So as always 20 is just a number....
All summer long I've ebbed around 1-2 a week so want to stop making excuses and do 3 more regularly.

Work is work of course. I like my new interns but I also think the honeymoon period is ending with them too.

I will address the issues I'm beginning to see when I get back.

Being on vacation will either exacerbate things or give them the opportunity to shine.

What are your plans for this fall?

Have a relaxing rest of your weekend everyone!