Friday, March 29, 2013

blog neglected

I feel like I haven't had too many exciting things to talk about over the past several weeks.

Life lately has been pretty predictable. Which as I always say, is pretty good in many ways.

I didn't end up completing the 20-class yoga challenge this month, however, I did complete 12 classes which is on average 3 a week. This is more than I've done in awhile, and it would be more than that if we weren't going away this weekend.

While I love Bikram, as a full-time working mom, finding the time to make the TIME committment is probably one of the hardest things about this yoga.

I usually leave at least 30 minutes before class, which is then 90 minutes, frequently runs over, and before you know it, I'm away from home for close to 3 hours.

While I am so NOT a gym person, I've been considering the idea more and more for the days I just don't have it in me to devote that much time to this one thing. I may still do it IF I can get my ILs to join me. There is a gym nearby that even has childcare and has super early and super late hours.

So we shall see............

On the workfront, one of my favorite colleagues contacted me last night to say that he is considering coming to our agency as a Director of one of our programs. He is a pretty cool, down to earth guy and a true social worker both on paper and at heart. I really think it would be wonderful if he comes on board, however, he recently started another job that he enjoys, that is not stressful and that pays a lot. He feels in order to come to where I work, they'd have to top his current salary by a great deal more. Please wave your magic social work wands that the powers that be come through on this. If there's anything we greatly need at my job right now, it's positive leadership and who better than a social worker to fill in that role?! He'd also be my new supervisor. I can't remember the last time I was actually supervised by a real live social worker. Probably grad school and that was back in 2004!

Also speaking of work, my social work BFF just moved into my office with me this week so having that support is wonderful, as well.

Anyways, just wanted to do a quick check in.

What are you lovelies up to this Spring weekend?

As I mentioned, I'm headed Upstate (New York) to visit the family. I'm excited to be going to a real live farmer's market and farm-to-table restaurant tomorrow. Stuff like that is really hard to come by in the suburbs of Long Island.

Happy weekending!!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

spot on!

I'm taking part in a 20-class yoga challenge this month.

And while I may or may not make that goal, this is absolutely 1000% spot-on about my practice.

If you have a Bikram/hot yoga studio by you, I can't recommend enough that you check it out.

If you live by me, I'll even be your first time yoga buddy!