Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 days so far...

Not good but not bad either....which is what I keep telling myself.

I've been plagued with sickness recently as well as life.

I did get to practice on International Yoga Day this year though!

I'm dragging this morning due to late night yoga last evening, not to mention I'm probably super dehydrated this AM.

That's a sign I need to put more into my body than coffee LOL.

Happy Tuesday all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So not into this challenge

Only completed 2 classes so far. TWO! But I took a long walk yesterday after work, and that felt amazing :).

I knew going into this that June was going to be very tough.  Lots of stuff going on on the homefront.

It's impossible to feel motivated when yoga truly has to take a backseat due to life. 

I think it will be easier to commit to July, since less going on and focus this month on just getting 3 classes in a week.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I needed to start

I haven't been able to commit much so far to this current challenge at my studio. DH has worked late all week making it impossible to get to class the first 3 days in June.

However, I made it in last night for class #1.

Tough class but super relaxing.  I didn't push myself too much and just had fun.  Changed up my spot too and one of my fave instructors was teaching which helped make the class feel like it went by quicker than usual.

Late night yoga is so hard though because it totally throws off my sleep cycle.

I'm so glad it's Friday because I'm definitely going to be dragging at work today. Skipping tonight because family is in town, but planning to hit early morning tomorrow.

1 class down. 19 more to go for June, or 39 left to go for June and July.

But who's counting ;).