Saturday, June 30, 2012

July goals

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So I feel like June was a crap month for me accomplishing things I wanted to get done.

I also ate like total crap and only made it to THREE Bikram classes for the entire month, and no, being away for a whole week should not have been an excuse to not go throughout the rest of the month.

I looked at a picture of myself from earlier this week and I can tell I've put on weight and I don't feel good about it all.

I also felt like I didn't get as much done as I should have in terms of some of my paperwork for my job.

In the past, when I've made what I feel are achievable goals, and have written them down publicly to hold myself accountable, I think that I've done pretty well in following through on them.

So I am going to try the same for this month. Here are some of the things I would like to accomplish in July:

1.) Phase out Panera breakfast during the week. Notice I didn't say coffee ;). I add this to my list because I totally feel that having a bagel, or something with bacon and cheese 4 mornings a week is literally going straight to my hips. While I will continue to go there in the morning for coffeetime before the craziness of work begins, I will pack a healthy breakfast to eat at my desk, instead. On the weekends, I rarely eat breakfast, or will have something small and light, so I really just need to break my Panera food habit and all should be good.

2.) Get back to my mat at least 3 days a week. I know that once I get back into a routine again, I will be fine. I really broke my stride this month and it was too easy to get into a pattern of not going as a result. 3 classes is pretty easy for me to make. One can be on the weekend, and then I just have to commit to 2 weeknights.

3.)Receive at least 2 bonuses this month. I've been pretty steady with completing this goal and did it in June. Money talks for this social worker ;).

4.) Save even just $50.00 more a week. I noticed with my vacation spending this month, that bonus money pretty much went out the window on crap like food and souvenirs. I want to try to really focus on getting our joint savings account back up to where it needs to be, even with something as small as $50.00 a week.

5.) Follow through on some things for my son.
I've talked a lot on Twitter as of late about what's going on with him. This one should really be #1 on my list of things I MUST accomplish this month. In a nutshell, he's 3 and has been displaying a lot of behavioral concerns over the past several months. I would like to get him evaluated both through my insurance, as well as through our school district. If all is well through the psychologist I pay for, I figure I won't need to pursue options through the school, which from what I hear, can take a lot longer.

So there ya have it friends. My goals for the month of July.

Wish me luck!!!

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