Monday, April 20, 2015

Some things are just meant to be lived in the past

So I went back to college this weekend after a million years for a 25th anniversary reunion of my Greek organization.

To be honest, it made me have a ton of emotions, but overall, content with where I am currently in life.

The people I wanted to see the most were not able to attend, so it was a lot of small talk with people I either didn't know at all, or people I haven't had contact with in probably a decade.....really even longer LOL.

I was so glad I had the foresight to bring a friend with me because we made the best of it and ultimately did our own thing.

I left yesterday morning feeling my presence really didn't add much to this event......that I didn't have much in common at all anymore with this part of my past.

I felt a bit sad and even anxious.

So much made sense right then about what we are always talking about in for the moment, not longing for how things used to be....

I CAN say though with certainty that I am looking forward to what's left to come. I will try really hard to focus more on what's right in front of me, right now, and be happy with all those things.

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