Sunday, October 25, 2015

When everything is getting to me.....

Went to class 10 last night.

And holy hell, was it tough.

Just getting to class was a challenge.  I had been feeling blah all day....the weather took a turn yesterday afternoon and became gloomy and that combined with some issues on my mind really dampened my spirits.  I am absolutely someone whose mood is affected by what is going on around them. This is me, and not just on my yoga mat.

I knew I would feel better after class though, so I got myself to the studio.

The energy in the room from the beginning of class was negative.  Someone came with a sports injury so was sitting out from opening breathing.  One of my other yoga buddies who practices behind me told me she had just quit smoking a week ago and was very on edge; another person said he forgot to eat all day and was grumpy. The temperature control in the room was pretty wonky too.  So needless to say, by awkward pose I was starting to actually feel the onset of a panic attack.  I also know I was not the only one. At one point, our teacher actually stopped class and told everyone to stop what they were doing, and just breathe.  Then to please smile.....he also went on to talk about the benefits of the heat, and that just being in a hot room, even if doing nothing, mimics exercise to our bodies, and will always end up making us feel better.

I ended up needing to take a long break around the time of standing seperate leg stretching, and sat out until tree time.

I had a decent floor series after that.

As predicted, I also felt fabulous after class.

My takeaway from last night's practice is that you can really be influenced by everything that is happening around and inside of your body. But no matter how terrible class goes, it's still the best thing for it, being in the hot room.

 I also know I sound like a cultish advertisement, but I hope that I still will be at least a little push for you to check out yoga.  Whether it's in the hot room, or in your living room to a video on YouTube. Especially when everything around and inside you is getting to you.

Yoga really is the best therapy.

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  1. I really don't understand how someone can just forget to eat! That said, mind over matter is really powerful stuff. Glad you ended up having a good class!