Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changed it up

Eh so could've gone to class last night, but my son had a soccer game and I felt I needed to be there.  If I hung out at soccer, and then went to the late class, I would've had NO time to spend with him.

So for a change, and in place of my yoga, I decided to walk to and from our local park where his games are held.

It was a nice little workout.  

I feel like I never walk enough anymore. This is actually something I miss of my days living in NYC and later in a beach town.  Now, walking is something I always intend to do, but living in the burbs, I just become so reliant on my vehicle to do anything.

But that walk last night.....perfect. First, I did it alone, which was an awesome way to clear my head. Just being outdoors, in the brisk air at sunset and then later in early darkness....I noticed so many things I don't see in the quick drive around my neighborhood.

Plus the best things....going for a walk is totally free, you can bring anyone (enjoy taking my son!) and it doesn't require much planning or juggling to attend at all (unlike yoga class LOL).

I think I want to add walking more to my list of intentions. It really does my body good to take a nice walk outdoors.  It's something I truly miss in my life.  

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