Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 4: Life Force

Yesterday's class was a little bit easier.  I know it's probably cheating, but the heating system was down the beginning of class, so this made it a lot less challenging for me to get through a lot of the postures.

I didn't even have to take any breaks at all! 

What stands out to be from the practice, were several discussions on prana, pranayama breathing and just overall "life force".

I like the thought that everything in life comes back to our breathe. I also love that we have the ability to control our breathe and how this always helps (or hinders!) us in life situations.  I also feel it's important the reflection on a bigger scale of the types of forces we have guiding and in a sense, controlling our lives.

We also were asked to pick a mantra to focus on at different times throughout class.  This is always a great tool for me. 

Do you use any of these tools in your everyday life? 

I plan to come back to all these things this morning....I am up super early for morning yoga. I rarely go to class in the AM, but today we are planning to head out east to wine country and since I'm already behind on my challenge, I didn't want to skip anymore classes unless I absolutely had to.

Happy yoga-ing everyone.

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