Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 3

I ended up getting into a cycle of bad, and took 3 days off from the studio before basically forcing myself out the door to class last night.

When I got there, I was fine, but class was still super-duper challenging.  We had a guest teacher who fills in from time to time, and I think the room was extra hot.

I was able to get thru with only a few breaks though, and I took it easy in a lot of the poses, pushed hard in others.

I am pleased though with myself, because even though I'm lagging behind for the 20 classes this month, I did meet my personal goal of getting in 3 classes this week. Yay me!! Little things!!

Now the only problem is my sleep is all screwed up and I know I will be dragging today...I was up until about midnight and woke up at 4 today tossing and turning.

I think when I try weeknight classes next week, I'm going to have to go straight from work, so I can get home earlier and have a decent night rest. I may push to do some doubles on weekends again as well (yay to having two late afternoon/evening classes now!!)

It's really hard to appreciate the yoga when I'm feeling super exhausted and just plain drained.

What I'm taking from this class: it's baby steps sometimes, and often we need to revisit our plans to make our goals a reality.

Happy almost weekend everyone!!!

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