Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 1 done: Functional strength

Love this term, and we hear it a lot in class.

Functional strength is the type of strength that gets us through daily life and survival.

If you google this topic, it talks about lifting a heavy weight being a fantastic measure for a competitive lifter, but the history of manual labor has consisted of something quite different...

When I think of daily life, it's a lot like manual labor....going through the motions, sometimes good and sometimes not....sometimes different and fun things, many times not...sometimes physically and mentally exhausting challenges....just to get done what we need to do.

Often though, the weight of the competition is what actually drags us down, and drains us of all our functional strength.  I'm seeing this right now in my own life with things that tend to stress me out the most.

As I complete Day 1 of this challenge, I am going to reflect on all of those things in my life that are my functional strength...and work on releasing those things that are weighing me down.  

I also leave you with this fortune I got in my cookie tonight.  Definitely a timely good thought!!!

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