Friday, October 30, 2015


I haven't done any yoga this week.  For no good reason.  I totally should've gotten there at least once.

But, overall, I'm pleased with my practice this month.

And I know I can get back on the wagon this weekend.

I also watched the movie Forks over Knives the other day and that has made me think more about what I am putting into my body.

Just curious if anyone made the change to a whole foods heavy diet? 

In the past I've given up the heavy carbs too several days per week and I lost weight and felt so much better.

I'm looking into this as a new goal along with keeping 3 days a week of yoga on a consistent basis.

Baby steps though.....

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  1. I started doing KETO (modifed Ketosis) High protien/low carb about two months ago and lost a few pounds and feel awesome. Just tracking what I eat and the awareness I think makes the difference. Or not putting processed shit into my body makes the difference....I don't know....