Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 6: Modify

Morning guys.  I finished class #6 last night.

It was a decent class, although my knee continued to pain the heck out of me.

I tried to stay in all the postures as best I could though, and didn't take any breaks during standing series.  My word to myself last night was "modify".

I did what I could to make the class as manageable as possible, after an already long day.  In some postures, this meant just standing and stretching out my leg even if I couldn't fully stay in the pose.

I'm still feeling way behind on making the 20 classes this time around.  This is hard accepting at times,  but I'm reflecting back on my original intent which was to at least get to class 3x a week in a consistent practice.

I am continuing to meet that goal so yay me!  I'm trying hard to be easy on myself.  I'm a busy person...I work FT, I'm a parent, my son is involved in two nightly activities a week....sometimes I'm just tired....and getting to the studio cannot be a priority.

I want to go tonight, even if I just hang out on my mat most of class, but also keep bringing myself back to the fact that I may need to modify my plans later if that is what my body needs, and this is okay.

Happy hump day everyone!!  Only a few more work days to get through....

How is your week going? If you yoga, have you been keeping up with it?  

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