Tuesday, October 20, 2015


So I totally forgot to blog this weekend.

I finished classes 7 & 8 and while I know at this point I will not make the 20 classes for the month, I am probably farther ahead in staying committed to my practice, than I have been in many months.

3 classes a week seems to be my magic #.

I also can't really remember anything super insightful I took from classes this weekend.

I want to say that probably makes me a bad yoga blogger, but it also makes me a normal person so it evens out LOL.

Sometimes we don't take anything fabulous from our practice, but we know it's still wonderful.

Hoping to get back tonight because this week is already off to a crazy start, between my home life, some extracurricular obligations (beating myself up for even getting involved!) and of course work!!

At least we made it thru Monday though....

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