Friday, October 23, 2015

Made my 3x this week

Oh I was home last night and the voices in my head were so telling me to just hang out and not go to the studio.  I ended up reading my blog entry from yesterday morning and some stuff on a yoga forum and this was just the push I needed to stop making excuses and get to class.

Of course I was so glad I went.  A GREAT teacher I haven't practiced with in well over a year (if not longer) was back last night leading my class.  It was so nice to change things up a bit, since usually I practice under the same teacher or two most sessions.  He also gently gave me some corrections that made lots of sense....little comments he made to the whole group about poses also gave me the push to try things just a little differently.  It was great energy having someone else leading, and I was able to get through most of my practice with very few breaks.

And today is finally Friday!!! I got my 3 classes in this week (Sat, Sun & one weeknight!), and am all caught up on most of my job things.  Well, except for filing.  Filing is dreadful and I always put this off longer than I clients seem to be happy though and there were no crises this week (knock on wood).

I have some things planned after work tonight with my son, but I will be back to my mat tomorrow evening.

How's your week going? Hope you are getting some yoga in. 

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