Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yoga & coloring

Feeling bummy again today.

It's been a lazy day so plans at all. Weather is very gray though and it's also November 1st.  

I've never been a huge fan of the holiday season.  I think the cost and needing to hang out with lots of different people constantly for a couple months, followed by the thought of a long cold winter in the new year doesn't make me feel so merry and bright.

It's definitely a good day to get myself to the yoga studio though, which I will be doing shortly.

Also need to stop off for a quick run to the craft store.  Need to get some items to wrap raffles for a community organization, and want to check out to see if I can find anything I can get for my clients at work.

I hit up Five Below yesterday and found lots of arts and craft supplies and art idea books.

The adult coloring books are a huge hit lately, and even I do a couple designs each week right alongside my clients.

I highly recommend checking them out for another form of relaxation.  There are also tons of free printables online.

Hope you are having a laid back weekend out there too. Getting in some yoga or anything else good?  Any new ideas you've found recently to release stress?

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