Sunday, November 22, 2015

every once in awhile we need a reminder.....

I went back to class today.

And when I was struggling the most, the words this yoga is showing you are ALIVE!!!!! came into my mind.

And it is so true....every once in awhile we need this reminder.

To appreciate what we have, even if the struggle in the moment is great. It's a blessing to be alive, practicing yoga, even in hot conditions LOL. It's just a blessing to be alive....cliche as it may sound.

Now even though it is only 7pm, I feel spent. But in a nice way.  I had a good dinner earlier and got my son a bath just in time before he passed out.

Now I'm about to go up to my bed myself.  

Yoga on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to lift my spirits, get me ready for rest as well as whatever this crazy week ahead may bring. It's just what I needed....

Did you get some yoga in this weekend?  What resonated with you from your session? 

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