Friday, November 6, 2015

All these students...

at work must be rubbing off on me.

I had a dream last night I was back in school. (For what exactly, I'm not sure).

I just remember being in class with one of our current pre-doctoral students and I had to write a paper about frogs.  I hate frogs. Like birds, they are one thing that if you put next to me I would probably run away screaming from.

Of course I waited till the day the paper was due to start writing the damn thing, didn't remember anything about formatting, and was going to the student for help.

Then my alarm went off.

Thank goodness.

I have no desire to go back to school, especially when it involves having to write papers LOL.

I also take this as a sign that I'm totally ready for the weekend.


P.S. I just decided to look up what my dream meant and apparently frogs and being in school is not necessarily all bad ;).   

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