Friday, November 27, 2015

Every year

when a holiday falls on a Thursday, I say next year I'm gonna take Friday off from work.

And then I never do.

This year (again) I felt guilty asking a student to come in on "their break" to cover and I hate having to get one of my teammates to stay with my clients since they are all already spread so thin.

While I love my job, the coverage thing is definitely problematic.

This, as well as the space issue and having to watch other staffs' patients during lunchtime are my 3 top gripes about work.

I've learned though I have to choose my battles and like anything else at most agencies....these issues probably will never change. Unless of course something bad happens, but let's not go there....

So the pros....(heh, heh we always have to look on the bright side!):

I don't expect very many of my clients to show up today though, so I should have plenty of time to catch up on some things I need to do for our holiday party next week.  I also may shoot my boss (who is off today btw!) an email that I'm leaving early, when the clients are done with treatment.

We shall see.

Do you have to go in to work today?  Do you have similar coverage issues at your job? What are other little gripes you have that you wish you could change, but know you never can.... Let's commiserate together!

P.S. I'm not shopping on Black Friday either because you couldn't pay me enough to go to the stores today, and even ordering online...being a social worker and all that, I have to wait till I have more money!! (the list of gripes is growing.....)

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