Monday, November 9, 2015


So I played yoga hooky on Saturday. Just wasn't feeling going to late class after running around all day with my son.  But it absolutely was my intention to get there yesterday.  Until I pulled into the parking lot and saw that one of my least favorite teachers was covering. 

think everyone has one of them.  For whatever reason, you just don't like their style.  With this one, I think she talks too much, does lots of corrections to the point it makes class drag on, and can be very hands on which depending on my mood, I may or may not like.

But I was there. And not going to skip class just because she was there too.

So in I went.  And boy was the room hot even before class started!  I guess this was making up for lost time because several of the recent classes I went to, the heat wasn't working properly.

Then class began.  And so began the teacher in her typical sigh-worthy style.  My focus became to just get through the class and try to put her out of my mind as best I could. Warm up and the first few postures of standing series were pretty challenging.  I got called out for doing a posture wrong, as always in her class.  Got through it with a smile though. 

And then something even funnier happened.  She kept calling me by the wrong name. Over and over. And finally I couldn't take it so I corrected her.  Which I think she and my peers thought was hysterical.  The class changed for me at that point.  Something clicked in my brain. It became lighter, it became fun.  I didn't see her as annoying anymore....I also welcomed her corrections and hands on work. 

We even made small talk after class.

What I learned yesterday is that we need to leave our judgment at the door. At that even our least favorite instructors are human too, and overall generally mean well.  I think back to different teachers I've had growing up and throughout my studies, and many who I have found annoying or strict or whatever...have ended up being some of my favorites that I've learned the most from.  

Appearances can definitely be deceiving.


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