Saturday, May 30, 2015

Long time, no post

Whoo, May went by fast. 
Can't believe my favorite season is now upon us.
I've done great at my sunshine goal this past month, but have been lazy with my yoga practice.
I decided to sign up for a summer sizzle challenge....20 classes in June and 20 in July.
I don't know how I even feel about going into it...
I do need to really make a better committment though so this will be the way to do that, even if I make it through 1/2...
Speaking of yoga...I'm up early today chugging down coffee and then headed off to a 7:30 class.
Getting it over first thing so I can hang outside the rest of the day.
Baseball for my son, then a birthday party for my nephew.
So happy the weekend is upon us. 
I keep saying this was the longest shortest week ever!

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