Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ridiculously cold!

OK I know it's winter Wah Wah Wah but it's still been ridiculously cold here in the northeast. I'm so over this weather and ready for spring.  I think the daily forecast also hasn't done anything positive for my mood (or anyone else's for that matter).  It's tough being cooped up inside and I'm not one of the few who will venture out into this wind.

It also doesn't help that I've been crazy busy this past week and missed out on my hot yoga practice. I'm definitely feeling the negative effects from not being in class.

Today we are planning to brave the cold and wind and travel upstate for the day.

My son is going to spend the week with my parents, since he has off for winter break.

Tomorrow I have off from work for the holiday, but I have a training in the am for my new contractor position. I'm going to be doing some adjustment counseling and maybe some other stuff as the need arises.  

I absolutely plan to get back to the studio in the afternoon though.

I'm also finally starting to shake the craziness of the past week in Socialworkland.

How's your weekend going? Is it ridiculously cold where you are? 

Any tips to make it through the next couple of months of bad weather? 


  1. You guys are just getting pummeled out East with your weather and snow and ice and yikes. Sending warm thoughts.