Friday, February 13, 2015

Problems of the week #socialwork

Trying to make more time for social work discussion and overall support on the blog.
I miss the days of more interaction about the stuff many of us face at work.
So just to be brief some of the issues I've been working with this week:

Overbearing/inappropriate family members.
Clients who have probably outgrown my program, who complain to their family/caseworker that they are bored. (then in turn I get accused of not doing my job, asked to do things that are not realistic in my setting).
New students!
Families who send their loved one who needs 1:1 supervision, alone to the agency and expect us to just deal with them.
Health/safety risks in general.  Especially in the winter months, clients who should probably not be wandering around outside.....wandering around outside.

What kinds of problems have you been juggling on the job lately? Any good solutions you've used? 
Anything POSITIVE you want to share too?  It's so nice to end a week on an upbeat note, not focused on negative issues.

Let's chat!

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