Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not a super great week for yoga

I only made it to the studio 3x this past week....thought it would be more since my son was away.

But, 3x a week is still my weekly goal so I made it!

I did sign up for an upcoming 20 class challenge in March.

I think it's perfect timing, especially with this icky, awful weather.

It is finally in the 30s here which actually feels like a heat wave believe it or not.

I really don't know how people do it who live in climates where super cold is normal.  

How is your weekend going?  I'm skipping yoga today because I have a family party and would only be able to make it to the morning class.  An excuse, I know but I've been running all weekend so far and kind of want to veg around the house, go to Target and catch up on some other stuff before heading out this afternoon.

Will try to get back to the studio tomorrow night though.


  1. 3X a week sounds like the perfect goal! Do you mind me asking what your personal goals for yoga are right now? No worries if that's too personal, just wondering if there's a specific pose you're wanting to strengthen, spend more time clearing your mind, etc ...

  2. Oh so many! Thanks for asking. Always looking to improve my practice. But in addition, mental clarity, lose weight, and even build friendships within the community I love so much are all goals of mine.