Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Got through first two days

and practiced 3 days in a row if you count this past Saturday.

I actually wasn't planning on going last night but with the given weather report, plus my son has a doctor appt after work today, I decided to just get my yoga in so I could take a rest tonight.

I don't know where I even found the strength from in my last class.

I had a very choppy sleep the night before and felt blah all day at work too.

My stomach also was not in great form (probably due to the heavy leftovers I ate for lunch).

That's the amazing thing about this yoga though.

I got to practice with a friend I haven't seen in awhile and there were also a couple of first-timers directly behind watching me.  Maybe that's where my energy came from?

In any event, I feel really positive about this challenge this time around and think I can finish it.

I haven't always felt that way going into yoga challenges.

Happy Tuesday my friends! Monday is behind us as well as the struggles we may have faced with it :).

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