Tuesday, June 17, 2014

8 and 9...and moving backwards to move forward

Clase número 8 was pretty decent.  Started out tough but I ended up doing pretty well in floor series.

Last night though.....class #9 was pretty amazing.

I had a different instructor who was funny and super motivating.

I was able to really get deep into some postures that I normally struggle with.  

I did great in half moon and this one is usually so hard for me during warm up.

I also had a new student sitting next to me, and that usually helps me push myself more to send good energy to the person just starting out.

Some of the words the teacher spoke were very inspiring....when class began she told the new guy that this was "just yoga. Bending and stretching. We weren't going to be mediating on top of a mountain."  Excellent point, although sometimes just getting through a hot yoga class can feel like hiking up the tallest mountain....

She also kept saying that we all had our breath, and this is all we needed.

This is definitely transferable to life outside of the yoga room....

When it was finally time to get into camel, I rocked it. Twice.

The teacher said this is one of the hardest postures, because we spend our whole lives moving forward. We do everything facing front.....driving, sitting at a desk, walking to our next appointment.....

It's so important to remember we NEED to move backwards.....

I'm so proud of how therapeutic this practice has become, and how everything I do on the yoga mat can be applied outside of the studio. I know that sounds hippy dippy but it really is so true.....

On that note too, I'm almost 1/2 way through my 20 class challenge for the month of June!

Will I make all of the classes?  I hope so......I may need to do a few doubles.  But it's still one step at a time.

I may need to move backwards to get forward in my practice and I think I am finally okay with that.

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