Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I'm halfway through my 20 class challenge in June all!

I plan to go tonight, tomorrow night, and will probably have to do at least one double over the weekend to meet my goal.

Despite being tired this am due to falling asleep later because of the late night classes, I feel great overall AND I'm finally starting to see the good changes....I'm able to get further into postures, my body is looking more toned and I'm able to tolerate the heat without sitting out as much.

On another random note, I'm thinking of giving my son's teachers giftcards for the beginners special at my studio as end of year gifts. What say you?

I thought if they don't want for themselves, they could always re-gift.

I love this practice so much I want to try to spread it to others.

Would you go to hot yoga if you received a gift certificate to try it out?

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