Thursday, June 19, 2014

11's done!

Whoa, talk about a rough class last night.

I knew I was in for it when I arrived a little early and students from the previous class were exiting and giving out warning.

After the studio was cleaned, and I went in to set up my mat and towel, I was immediately hit with an intense hot air.

I sat in the room for about 10 minutes before class started, and it helped a lot to acclimate to the heat.

Warm up was hard, especially opening breathing.

I was able to get through class though and honestly, could've pushed myself more, but I decided taking it easy and relaxing a bit sitting out was more important. I looked around and I was the only one doing this for a bit. Soon some others followed and we all laid down.

There were A LOT of distractions last night.....crowded room, many new students and people leaving to pee or take a break from the heat which does not happen all that much, thankfully.

The teacher allowed it but I could tell he was also kind of annoyed because leaving the room is distracting to others and you also can put yourself at risk this way too (I've never seen it but I heard of people passing out and being alone in the bathroom with no one to take care of them if teacher is teaching).

He also mentioned that if you leave the room during class, all that hard work you did is gone in like 7 seconds and you would need to work just as hard and twice as long to get back to where you were.

Who knows though.....he did end his lecture by saying everyone is an adult and they need to do what they need to do, but personally, I kind of side with the teacher.

I've had times where I had to pee or I felt extra dizzy but sitting out and not making the class all about me works. I really feel that most times we need to suck it up for the sake of those around us.

What say you?

Have you ever left a hot yoga class?

I honestly never ever have in all of my years practicing....and believe me, I've had moments where I've wanted to.

I have one more class left to go tonight and I'm taking off tomorrow.  9 left to go for June!!!

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