Friday, June 20, 2014


I completed class 12 last night.

It was so-so.  I had practiced 6 days straight which I think is a record for me. The really hot teacher taught, but other than that, it was nothing special. 

I'm actually taking a break today because it's my son's graduation :).

I also decided to purchase the giftcards for all of his teachers as a thank you and end of school year gift.

I'm excited, because I should be able to make it to the studio every day this weekend, and all next week.

My parents are actually taking my son to their house for a week so a nice break for me as a parent LOL. Plus that means I can make the 6pm and get it over with early ;).

In other news, my sister invited us to go camping with her over the 4th of July weekend but we decided to decline.

Our house will be deep in outside renos at that point, and since we currently own no camping supplies, it would end up costing way too much right now. Plus, even though she ensures me this place has facilities, I'm really NOT an outdoors for several days straight person.  Not sure how my son would handle that either. Maybe next year LOL.

I will probably take a week off in August and we will just stay local, doing some day trips and such and enjoying all that is normally around us that we never take advantage of.

Do you have any exciting summer plans?

Any FREE or low-cost day trips you'd recommend in the LI/NYC area?

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