Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update: Developmental Ped & DS lately

I just realized I haven't spoken about my son much lately. We took DS to his first appt. today with a developmental pediatrician through Cohen's Children's Hopsital, so an update is timely.  I was very pleased with the experience, although the wait time was forever (I contacted them back in early December). It makes sense though because this is the same program that works closely with preemies. I figured out that my nieces had gone here since they were born several months early.  But anyway.......he finally had his appointment so I'm content now.

The doctor talked with us about our concerns, took down some of the history and began the 1st half of the IQ testing in verbal where he scored really surprise here--- this kid is smart and I am definitely not bragging, but I often think this is at root with his issues.

She also advised us to start giving him melatonin right away to help with his sleep problems, and also recommended iron testing.

The kid really doesn't eat a whole lot of meat and drinks whole milk like crazy. Apparently, milk cancels out iron absorption according to the doctor.

She stated children with iron deficiency display a lot of the problems we mentioned seeing ongoing in DS.

I told her that DS just had his mid-year review through CPSE and they are discontinuing OT at the end of the school year. His Pre-k teacher also reports no issues.....she said he's extremely social and craves learning......often calling out answers in class. She also told us that right now he is actually on end of Kindergarten-1st grade level for most learning (whatever that means).  As of right now he will also enter Kindergarten with no services in place. We are concerned because he's only going 1/2 days now and K will be full day, starting with an early morning pre-care drop-off since we need to both be to work early, I explained to the doctor my worries about him being able to function and not have the problems in school that he has now in the afternoons and evening.

She listened to all of our points and welcomed us back in 2 weeks for his next appt. I also have more thorough paperwork to fill out about his behavior, as well as a form for his school to complete.

It continues to be a roller coaster at times of good and bad days, just like anything else, but I am hopeful that this is the right step to get to the root of the problem.....

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