Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tracking some yoga

After taking a very long break after having a not so committed to my practice 2013, I decided to head back to yoga last Sunday 3/30. So far I've attended 3 classes in total and although for the most part the classes have been brutal, I'm really enjoying being back on my mat. I've been in a funk lately and also have gained a ton of weight, which hasn't helped anything. I think going back in the hot room regularly is what I need to stay motivated and remain in a good place in my head. I had all but decided I probably was not going to return again after not renewing my unlimited membership at the end of the year due to lack of use. Then, I don't know what it was, but out of nowhere last week the thought of the yoga came back in my mind.  I was sitting around not doing too much of anything, so I felt why not? I plan to go as much as I can, with at least a 3 day commitment on weeks life begins to get in the way. At some point, I also want to start going back to the gym some early mornings, to boost my weight loss. I have also slowly become more mindful of what I put in my mouth, and I'm trying to eat healthier overall.  This blog needed an update so I think I will use it to track my yoga progress. I'm actually heading off to another class in a few minutes. Wish me luck!

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