Thursday, April 24, 2014


We met with the developmental doctor today and she gave us her diagnosis for DS: ADHD combined type. 

While it has been suspected all along, I'm kind of overwhelmed about everywhere we now officially need to go.

The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I finally feel a sense of great relief that there's a name for this experience we've been having over the past several years---because we now have direction(s) we could potentially take with DS. 

If anyone has dealt with ADHD, and is comfortable sharing, I welcome any and all feedback. The good, the bad and even the terribly ugly. I am especially interested in hearing about someone older and how it has affected them.

Note: I can also provide you with my email if you prefer to comment privately.

I am definitely going to yoga tonight because I need to decompress.

I am sure I will share more at another time. There are so many things going through my mind, but right now I am just going to choose to sit with my feelings for a bit.

Thank goodness it's almost the weekend. I need it this week even more than ever.

Thanks so much for listening,


  1. LilG and Ttops both have ADHD. It's easier to sort out with LilG because he doesn't have a myriad of other diagnoses as well. Basically, we tried a bunch of different medications (didn't work: Ritalin, Strattera) until we found one that worked (Adderall) and behavioral interventions in school via IEP. He gets a number 1-5 of how he behaved each day. The number is put in his daily planner. He is responsible for getting the number from his teacher at the end of the day. I don't know why this works but it does. We've tried a bunch of other things that didn't work. He needs everything written down for him so he has a planner at home too for chores and what he is going to do each day so he isn't buzzing around us like a bee. I should mention he is 11.

    With our daughter we had to put post-it notes everywhere to remind her. She's 19 now and we got her when she was 11 but developmentally 5. Strattera is the med that worked for her. She tried a bunch of other ones like Concerta and Adderall and they did NOTHING. So it really depends on the kid. There is not a one size fits all but meds really do make a difference if you find the right one. It's just hard to watch your kid struggle when a med is not working.

    Taking things one step at a time is really important instead of jumping in and trying everything all at once because you need to be able to tell which thing is working and which is not. So coming up with a game plan is important. Like, ok, first let's meet with or call his teachers and request a special ed evaluation, then schedule a dr appt with his pediatrician for ADHD meds and then let's try some behavioral interventions (dependent on age - pictures of what he's supposed to do each day can also work well with some kids) at home while we wait.

    Then group hug and yoga pose. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for responding. I'm at the wall right now with whether or not to pursue meds. Doctor is recommending Ritalin because we can give as needed but reading about all the side effects puts me in a really bad place. Not to mention he's only 5. I struggle with a 5 year old being put on medication. I think we may end up waiting and seeing. I also feel there's so many other factors that go into it and if he can cope without them for now.......that's the best decision.