Friday, April 11, 2014

Clients who don't fit in

I am currently struggling with this issue at work right now. The client is extremely unstable psychiatric wise and the rest of my clients are not. In fact, most do not have any type of psych history. 
My program is primarily run in a group format, so they have been changing the dynamic a lot----and obviously in not a good way.

The client has had a lot of stuff happen recently and at this point, I'll admit it---I'm starting to get scared. Especially for my other clients.  I've had some gut issues come up around this person, and they've always come true thus far. 

What really sucks, is the worker managing the case is not really responsive to me and as a result, I worry even MORE about what to expect from this person. Communication is so lacking which is never good with a unstable individual.

I really want to just say the client can't come to the program until they are stable, but I do not yet have permission to do that. Plus, they do not have much support at all so my program is one of their only means of socialization. (If you can call it that). Most of the time they are isolating, require constant attention or are interrupting me to do non-program related tasks.

While they only attend a couple times a week, they are very demanding and I leave work completely drained on the days they do attend program. It's amazing how having to be on your guard all the time tires you out......

They also have done so many inappropriate things lately.....too many to even list.

Everything they've done is overall a red flag for help with a ticking time bomb.

The plus is that my students are learning at least. I have told them it's definitely important to familiarize themselves with psych stuff, even if they ultimately do not want to work with that population. This client is an example of that. And you can't get away from severe mental illness when you work with almost any population regardless of primary problem you are seeing them for.

I admit it.....I am so happy today is Friday so I don't have to deal with them for another 2 days......ugh, the joys of social has your week been?

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