Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being still

On a hot yoga forum I belong to, I recently read that someone judges whether or not they had a good class, on their ability to remain still. This resonated with me and I held this in my mind throughout yesterday's class.

While the 2nd half of floor series was a struggle (I don't think I was hydrated enough), I focused on remaining as still as possible in the postures I was able to do.

And I think it ended up being a pretty decent class.

My back has been bothering me lately so I was also taking it easy in many postures because of that. 

I'm hoping to return to my mat tonight but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't.

I feel like I've become a lot more committed to my practice in just the past month, then I have even in all of the last year.

I love this yoga.

I've still been trying to encourage other people to go with me, but have had no luck on that end.

That's totally fine though because I love the me time and ability to focus on just myself and being still ;).

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