Friday, April 1, 2011

Made it through another week!

Friday still is, for the most part, my work-from-home day so I thought I would just take a few minutes to check in on the blog.

Right now, DS is sleeping and I am wrapping up a with few client issues. These past few days, I must say, overall were pretty quiet. I was able to catch up on a lot of stuff, paperwork-related primarily.

The week though still was not without its struggles.

I have one client who refuses to go to the psychiatrist (he was just hospitalized for a few weeks too because of his MH issues). He is compliant with all of his other doctors for the most part, so I am trying to get one of them to agree to write his scripts for his psych meds for the time being. I think the thought of having to see a psychiatrist, to him, is a major trigger and something he may never agree to.

Another one is challenging the entire team on special medical equipment that is needed to keep him safe at home. While he has not out and out refused the equipment, he is doing everything in his power to delay it from coming.

The state is also scrutinizing a lot of my clients services more than ever now because of the budget (or lack of!) which has stalled in getting many things approved. In turn, clients often get mad at me because the process takes so long.

Related to this, we have to have a meeting with another client in a couple of weeks so the program can evaluate if they "meet the criteria" to continue to receive services. This conversation obviously did not go over too well when I had to speak to this person and tell them this. This person is also someone who there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, who requires the services of our program to continue to remain in the community. Everyone on her team is coming to advocate for her.

It's bad everywhere right now I think in terms of services and resources in general for people at risk. I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday researching day program options for one of my people, and there's just nothing really out there that he can qualify for right now for a variety of reasons. Le Sigh.

I am looking forward to the next couple of days to decompress and then I will be back in the saddle with bells on again next week to help work through some more of the world's problems.

Have a nice weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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