Saturday, April 23, 2011

This weekend I'm relaxing

because this week is going to be wild and crazy in Social Worker land!

Right now I am in Upstate, NY at my parent's house with DS. DH had to work most of this weekend, but will be joining us at my Aunt's tomorrow for Easter dinner.

So far this weekend I've enjoyed:

Not having to drive the almost 3 hour drive North myself with DS (parents picked us up).
Eating yummy food (homemade burgers, baked sweet potato fries and salad for dinner last night).
Hot coffee.
Breakfast out this morning (I had hash. I never eat hash but it was crispy and delicious).
Sitting in on a rainy, quiet day relaxing while DS hunts for Easter eggs inside.
Walking around the Super Wal-mart to people watch. (There are definitely some interesting characters to see at the Wal-mart in this neck of the woods).
Later tonight I am going to watch my sister sing and play her guitar at a local coffee house.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to making fresh guacamole to bring to my Aunt's house. (This is one of my favorite appetizers ever).

What are you all doing this weekend? Hope you are getting at least some rest and relaxation in.


  1. Ok, I know you don't mean you had pot resin for breakfast. What is hash?

  2. That is so funny! It's basically a mystery meat product that is fried. Usually made out of corned beef and potatoes.