Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long Island Serial Killer

I've been following this news story like a hawk. It's so depressing, however, I am glad it's getting so much press because normally, throw-away victims like this would not get more than a quick blurb one time on the news, if that.

Anyways, tonight, while I was struggling with some of my poses in my hot yoga class, thoughts of these random persons out there and alone with someone mad in their very last moments, passed into my mind.

I began to push myself a little harder at that point, and dedicated the rest of my practice to them, with hopes they will soon be identified, and that law enforcement will be able to find and bring their killer to justice.

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  1. You make a good point, it is really commendable that this story is getting news, as those women deserve justice.

    In BC, sex workers and homeless women were "disappearing" like crazy, and the powers that be paid no attention until not for profits started keeping a "missing women" list and putting the pressure on. Many are still missing, but this did help lead to the arrest and conviction of serial killer Robert Pickton.

    Scary stuff.