Monday, April 11, 2011

11 things I miss about social work school

1.) Having a built-in support network of peers who truly "get it".

2.) Just being around so many people who are passionate about social work in general.

3.) Lots of amazing professors.

4.) Being around so many people who are fresh and new to the field, who are not feeling burnt-out and jaded.

5.) Internships!!!!!

6.) Being expected to write constantly. (And not just progress notes).

7.) Being expected to read constantly.

8.) Getting to know myself and really learn about others and challenge my feelings and beliefs.

9.) Classes that are like therapy sessions.

10.) Feelings of excitement about the unexpected once I graduate.

11.) No student loan payments yet!!

What do you miss about being a graduate student? I am sure there are many I have forgotten about.


  1. Oh, I also totally miss group lunches and dinners as well as bar crawls after our late night classes :) And cool social work seminars on topics related to our work.

  2. I miss being in an environment where feminism and anti-oppression were the norm.

  3. I missed a lot my school days!
    I always remember my school days.

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  4. I'm not a social worker, but a teacher and a lot of the same things apply to my undergrad education co-hort. I miss the idealism and sense of commradery (sp?) we all had after lectures and coming together after practicums talking about lessons that could change the world. LOL. Seriously though, good post!