Sunday, August 8, 2010

You can't control everything in your life

I have a client who has been driving me nutty all weekend, since he now has learned how to email, and knows I get my emails on my blackberry.

In any event, even though he is perfectly capable, he will often ask me to become involved in setting up his appointments for him. The other day he called me to ask if I could call one of his workers to let her know that he had to go out for blood work, so he may be a little late to her appointment, and could she just wait a few minutes for him.

I touched base with her and she said she had already rescheduled the appointment, because he called and cancelled. She was now seeing other clients so could not meet with him.

I told him this.

He's now been sending me emails all weekend complaining about why I cancelled his appointment, it could have only been me "because I have a Blackberry" (?????!!!!), etc. etc. etc.

I just sent him a response and told him that from now on, since I know he is capable of setting, and rescheduling his appointments, that will be the plan. He should only involve me if he is having some kind of major difficulty setting something up.

He does stuff like this with everyone that works with him because it's his way of feeling like he's controlling his situation.

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